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Hawaiʻi - Genealogy Research

Unpublished Genealogies

The Hawaiʻi State Archives has a number of Hawaiian genealogy books in their manuscripts collection that available online in their new Digital Archives of Hawaiʻi website. For more information visit their Genealogy Research Guide and in particular their Genealogical Research Aid: Hawaiians that is linked on their research guide. They also have additional Hawaiian genealogy records on their Hawaiʻi State Archives Digital Collections website at the very bottom of the page under "Private/Manuscript Collections." There is a project to transcribe the Hawaiian genealogy books. The project is called "Moʻopono - Hawaiian Ancestry Project," and the link to access the searchable books is here:

Genealogies in Publications

Below are various publications the UHM's Hawaiian Collection has that contains Hawaiian genealogies. If you click on any of the items below, you will be taken to the item's library record in OneSearch.

Genealogies of Hawaiian Royalty

Genealogies by Island