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EndNote (Desktop): Creating a Bibliography List

Use this guide to get started using the desktop version of EndNote.

Creating a Bibliography List

You can use EndNote to create an independent and fully formatted bibliography without using the CWYW features. There are currently three ways to create stand-alone bibliographies without the CWYW feature. Instructions and video-only tutorials for each method are given below. 

Copy Formatted/Paste Method

  1. Select the records that you want in your bibliography list
  2. Change the citation style at the top of the bar with a drop-down menu
  3. Then,
    In EndNote 20, go to References → Copy Formatted Reference
  4. You can then paste the references into a Word document

Note: This list is text only and can not be edited in Word using the EndNote tools. To change the style of the list, go back to your EndNote library and select the style you wish to use, and repeat the process.



Export Method

  1. Select the records you would like to have in your bibliography 
  2. Then go to File → Export… 
  3. Select location to save the file
  4. Afterward, choose the citation style you want under Output style. You will also need to select which file type you want the bibliography to be exported as under Save as type  
  5. Finally, select Save to download the file in chosen location

Subject Bibliography Method

Subject Bibliography Method allows you to select references based on subject fields and keywords. The steps for the Subject Bibliography Method are:

  1. You will need to choose your selected citation style (APA, MLA, etc.) for your bibliography
  2. Then you will need to go to Tools → Subject Bibliography... 
  3. From Subject Bibliography, you will need to select the subject fields to create a list of records using the fields
  4. From the list of records, select the ones you would like to be in your bibliography
  5. After finalizing your bibliography, select OK to create the bibliography list
  6. Next, the option Layout will allow you to modify and make changes to the format of your bibliography
  7. You will then need to save your bibliography list as a text file, RTF file, or in HTML. 

From The Experts

When creating a bibligraphy in this way, the references are sorted and formatted according to the style selected in the library.

The bibliography list is plain text - you can change any part of the list using the typical edit commands in Word but you can not use the CWYW commands to change the style.