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EndNote (Desktop): 1. Groups

Use this guide to get started using the desktop version of EndNote.

Hints and Tips Topics

Simple Step-By-Step

Adding Groups

1. In EndNote, go to the Groups menu

2. Select the type of group you want to create

Adding References to Groups

  • Select the reference you want to add, then drag and drop them into the group
  • Select the reference you want to add, right click, click Add References to, then select the group

From The Experts

More about Group Sets

- In your library, My Groups is a default Group Set. 

  • If you don't create new Group Sets, all Custom and Smart Groups will be added under My Groups
  • You can rename this default Group Set by right clicking on it then selecting Rename Group Set

- You can move Custom Groups and Smart Groups to any Group Set at any time

More About Smart Groups

- Smart Groups are a great way to quickly and automatically sort by any criteria you can think of

  • "Contains" is more broad and will find more references than "Is"
  • The "Greater Than" and "Lesser Than" criteria are a great way to sort references published in a certain time period

- Use the small plus sign button to the right to add more criteria

- Smart Group criteria can be edited at any time by right clicking on the group and clicking Edit Group