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EndNote (Desktop): Removing Field Codes

Use this guide to get started using the desktop version of EndNote.

Simple Step-By-Step

Remove Field Codes (Word 2010)

  1. In Word, go to the EndNote tab

  2. Select the Bibliography group → Convert Citations and Bibliography → Convert to Plain Text

  3. Word will open a copy of your document without field codes in a new window

  4. Save the new copy

Removing Field Codes

When you use the Cite While You Write function in Word, electronic codes are attached, linking your EndNote library to your document. These codes, called Field Codes, often interfere with publisher's software, so need to be removed before you submit your manuscript online. The process is easy, but permanent.

Another reason to remove field codes is to correct formatting errors made by EndNote when generating a citation.

From The Experts

  • The Convert to Plain Text command creates a new copy of your Word document that will not have field codes. The new document will appear in a new unsaved document window. Your original file will remain open and untouched.
    • The original file will continue to be linked to the EndNote Library. You may continue to use this file with EndNote.
    • The new file will NOT be linked to the EndNote Library. Any changes to the citations will not change the original file or the data within the EndNote library
  • Never remove field codes from your original document! This change is permanent and once made, you will not be able to edit the document with EndNote again.  Always make a copy of your paper and remove the field codes from the copy.
  • A good way to make a copy of your paper is to choose File > Save As in Word and give the copy a similar but unique name, like thesiscopy1 etc.