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EndNote (Desktop): 3. Formatting Bibliographies

Use this guide to get started using the desktop version of EndNote.

Simple Step-By-Step

Formatting a Bibliography with the Citation Command

  1. In your Word Document, select the "EndNote" ribbon

  2. Click on the small arrow at the bottom of the "Bibliography" section to open up the "Configure Bibliography" command pop-up window

  3. Use the "Format Bibliography" tab in the window to change the citation style for the entire paper

  4. Use the "Layout" tab to edit the font and spacing for the bibliography, as well as to insert a title for the bibliography

  5. Click the "OK" tab

*NOTE: The EndNote Library you're using must also be open

Formatting the Bibliography

Special steps are needed to make stylistic changes to your bibliography, such as spacing, indentation or font. Note that if you need to make corrective edits, like spelling errors, you need to make these in the reference in EndNote.