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EndNote (Desktop): 4. Entering a Reference

Use this guide to get started using the desktop version of EndNote.

Simple Step-By-Step

Manually Entering a New Reference

1. Select References → New Reference or Ctrl+N

2. Select the Reference Type from the drop-down menu at the top

3. Use the mouse or Tab to select the desired fields and enter appropriate information

4. Close Reference

Manually Entering a New Reference

This tutorial by EndNote shows you how to manually enter a new reference into your library.  The most important information is shown in the first two minutes, while the remainder of the video gives great tips on some unique features as well as instructions on how to attach files and figures to your reference.

From The Experts

More about author names

When a reference lists a company or organization as the author, enter the name of the company followed by a comma. 

For example:
University of Hawaii,

If a company or organization name contains a comma, enter the name as it appears, but use two commas instead of one. 

For example:
University of California,,Berkeley

You do not need to enter "Anonymous" when a reference has no author - EndNote will format the reference according to the style you use.

When a work has multiple authors, you do not need to enter "et al." into the reference.  However, if you only know a portion of the authors, enter "et al." followed by a comma, as the last author in the reference.