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Japan History: the Asia-Pacific War: Foreign Office Files for Japan

Introduction: Japan and WWII resources

Foreign Office Files for Japan, 1919-1952

The database contains full-texts of memoranda, reports, minutes, correspondence, maps, newspaper clippings (including English translations of Japanese language originals), printed leaflets, extracts from books, booklets, etc. These are among three sections:

  • Japan, 1919-1930: Japan and Great Power Status
  • Japan, 1931-1945: Japanese Imperialism and the War in the Pacific
  • Japan, 1946-1952: Occupation of Japan

The files reveal the shifting nature of Anglo-Japanese relations in the first half of the twentieth century. The key themes are:

  • The Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923
  • Trade & Economy
  • Sino-Japanese Relations and Manchuria
  • Japanese Imperialism
  • The War in the Pacific
  • The Occupation of Japan

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