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Japan History: the Asia-Pacific War: Index

Introduction: Japan and WWII resources

This guide is to introduce selected resources regarding WWII and Japan.

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Target: Outside of Japan

nippon cover   Nippon 1934-1944

Creator: Yonosuke Natori 名取洋之助. Natori learned photography and photo magazine creation in Germany.
Published in English, German, French & Spanish

front cover   Front 1942-1945

Creator: Sozo Okada, Okada originally worked with Natori Yonosuke and together established "Nihon Kobosha" in 1933.
Translated to 15 foreign languages.

cover image of the japanese empireThe Japanese empire

cover of japan manchuko Japan Manchuko Yearbook

cover of the orient yearbook The Orient Yearbook


Target: Japanese Children and Mothers

anime dvd cover   Japanese anime classic collection
Optional subtitles in Chinese, English, Japanese, or Korean (original animation in Japanese)
Fifty-five vintage Japanese animated short films, originally produced between 1928-1950

Norakuro series example: Private Norakuro (1933) on YouTube

Target: US Soldiers

applied book cover   Applied tactics, Japanese Army; translation of Japanese manual

senjutsu book cover   Oyo senjutsu no sanko 應用戦術ノ参考

civil affairs handbook cover   Civil affairs handbook: Japan 1944-1945


Handbook on Japanese military forces

Handbook on Japanese military forces/US war Department

Heigo ... organization of the Japanese army

The Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II

The Japanese Navy in World War II; an anthology of articles by former officers of the Imperial Japanese Navy, and Air Defense Force, originally published in the U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings

Japan and the war

newsmaps sample image  Newsmaps

warfare cover   Psychological warfare