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Government Documents - Military and Veterans Agencies: Civil Affairs Division

War Department, Navy Department, Army, Department of Defense, Air Force, Marine Corps, National Military Establishment, Department of Veterans Affairs, and related agencies

The Civil Affairs Division managed the oversight of occupied territories following World War II. It published a number of reports on areas under its administration, such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Japan, and Korea. Its investigations covered the economic, social, and political activities in those countries.

The Government Documents Collection has a partial collection of reports of military government in various countries. Please note that our holdings are shelved in our closed shelves, so please ask a staff member to retrieve items for you. Check OneSearch for additional titles held in other collections in the library.

Uncle Sam hands a package to a woman and child

Thank you = Wir danken Euch

Drawing of German youths loitering outside a destroyed building

German youth between yesterday and tomorrow

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