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Government Documents - Military and Veterans Agencies: Office of Civil Defense

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The Office of Civil Defense (OCD) was originally established under the President as part of the Office of Emergency Preparedness. In 1961, it was transferred to the DoD. Later, in 1964, OCD was transferred to the Department of the Army. In 1972, it became the Defense Civil Preparedness Agency, again falling under DoD. Its functions were eventually transferred to the newly established Federal Emergency Management Agency in 1979, which is now part of the Department of Homeland Security.

Government Documents holds a small collection of Civil Defense publications, including the following titles:

Many documents are pamphlets, which are kept in pamphlet files in Government Documents. We also hold current and past laws and regulations related to civil defense as well as Congressional hearings and other publications about OCD. 

Internet resources

Drawing of a shapely woman wearing an OCD uniform

Block leaders' alert!

A handbook for air raid wardens

Photo of people of different ethnicities and ages speaking

Wanted: 100,000 speakers

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