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Pacific Islands Newspapers : Vanuatu

Historic Newspaper


Cover of the 'New Hebrides' Nakamal'

Historic Newspaper: New Hebrides' Nakamal
Link to UH Voyager record
Online: No
Link: n/a
Dates of publication: 1971 – (?)

Indigenous Language Newspaper

Indigenous Language Newspaper:
As of July 18, 2014 the Pacific collection does not contain any newspapers in any of the indigenous languages of Vanuatu.

Note: There are papers with some Bislama, which is a creole language of Vanuatu. Bislama has been described as a mix of English with a smattering of French and Native languages on top of an Oceanic grammar structure. It is estimated that Vanuatu has over 100 indigenous languages.

Researching Vanuatu Newspapers

Key Word Searches:

Vanuatu Newspapers

Vanuatu Periodicals


Library of Congress Subject Headings:

Port Vila (Vanuatu)--Newspapers.




Contemporary Newspaper

Cover of the 'Vanuatu Daily Post'



Current Newspaper: Vanuatu Daily Post
Link to UH Voyager record
Online: Yes
Dates of publication: Uncertain.