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Pacific Islands Newspapers : American Samoa

Historic Newspaper

Cover of the 'Samoa News – Tala Samoa'

Historic Newspaper: Samoa News – Tala Samoa

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 Online: No

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Dates of publication: 1963 - 1965

Note: In Samoan and English. 

Indigenous Language Newspaper

Cover of the 'The Samoa Times (Pago Pago)'

Indigenous Language Newspaper: The Pacific collection does not contain a newspaper from American Samoa that is published only in Samoan. Pictures is: The Samoa Times (Pago Pago) - This publication published in both English and Samoan. 

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 Online: No       

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Dates of publication: 1964 – 1968, 1984 - 1993


Many newspapers publish in either languages, or offer supplements in the Indigenous language.


Researching American Samoa Newspapers

Key Word Searches:

American Samoa Newspapers
American Samoa Periodicals


Library of Congress Subject Headings:

American Samoa--Newspapers.

American Samoa--Periodicals.


Contemporary Newspaper

Cover of the 'Samoa News'

Current Newspaper: Samoa News                          

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Online: Yes        


Dates of publication: 1969 - present

Note: Has articles in English and Samoan, and a Samoan supplement on Saturdays