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Getting the Most out of PubMed Medline: Exporting from PubMed

Exporting from PubMed

If you use a reference management software, like EndNote, you will need to download your results to a nbib file before importing them into your library.

To download your search results,

  • Click on the "Send to" link.
  • Click the radio button for "Citation manager."
  • Click the "Create File" button to download a text file.
  • Save the file to your computer. Note the location of the file

For EndNote users, the saved file can then be imported into EndNote using "PubMed (NLM)" as the Import Option. Depending on the version of EndNote, the program may open and import the citations automatically.

For Mendeley users, add the Web Importer bookmark to your web browser. The Web Importer allows you to import citations into your Mendeley library with just a single click.

EndNote Links

For current and potential EndNote users alike, here are some important EndNote links:

Mendeley Links

For current and potential Mendeley users alike, here are some important Mendeley links: