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Getting the Most out of PubMed Medline: Introduction

Accessing PubMed Medline

You can access PubMed Medline from the link below or from the Library's A-Z Databases pages.

New and Noteworthy

Recent enhancements and changes to PubMed and the MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) Database

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Moving from Legacy PubMed to New PubMed

PubMed will be switching its default interface from the Legacy PubMed to the new version referred to as New PubMed on or after May 18, 2020. This terminology will be used throughout the guide to differentiate between the two distinct search tools

This guide is being revised to present a side-by-side illustration of how to perform common tasks in Legacy PubMed and in New PubMed. These comparisons show the desktop versions of PubMed. New PubMed is intended to be used with a variety different devices and features a mobile-friendly search.

Providing Feedback to PubMed

A goal of the New PubMed is to create search functionality and features researchers value most. Thus, they encourage direct feedback to PubMed via the feedback link located at the bottom right of any New PubMed page. The New PubMed is intended to be a continually developing product, thus your continuous feedback will help make a useful and robust product.


When filling out the direct feedback form, we encourage you to notify Carolyn as well. This will allow us to keep track of the desires or pain-points of the New PubMed, and work to find alternate solutions. 


This guide includes content adapted from the University of Texas Libraries' PubMed guide. Mahalo!

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