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The Hawaiian and Pacific Collections have many archival collections of unpublished materials that compliment our published holdings of books, periodicals, and media. The archival collections are grouped into categories: Manuscripts, Records, Diaries, Letters, Scrapbooks, Papers, Photographs, and Collections.

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Hawaiʻi Archive Collections
Pacific Archive Collections

For information on how to access our archival materials, review the Rare and Archival Materials section in the Ask Us page.

Hawaiʻi Archive Collections

Title Description
Fourteen Years in the Sandwich Islands, 1855-1868 Marked and corrected copy of translation from French version of Quartoze ans aux iles Sandwich. Written by Charles de Varigny, a Frenchman who lived in Hawaiʻi and served to French consulate in Honolulu. Translated by Alfons Korn.
The Hawaiian Canoe Galley proof copy without photographs for 1981 edition of Hawaiian Canoe including bibliographical references and index. Written by Tommy Holmes.
Palama Settlement: A History Draft typescript of Palama Settlement Written by Walter Ehlers, director of Palama Settlement from 1952-1959.
Palama and James Arthur Rath Draft typescript by Ragna Helsher Rath, wife of James Arthur Rath, the first director of Palama Settlement.
Introduction to Years of Infamy Typescript of introduction appearing on p. 27-31 in Years of Infamy by Michi Weglyn. Accompanied by photocopy of typescript with minor changes from published text of 1976.
Rascals in Paradise Manuscript, gallery proofs, page proofs, and correspondence with annotations and corrections of Rascals in Paradise written by James A. Michener and A. Grove Day.
Seen in the Eyes of a Chinese Typescript with author's handwritten notes and corrections, and correspondence to Senator Hiram Fong. Written by Charles Kwock, subsequently published as A Hawaii Chinese Looks at America.
Memoirs of Mme de Varigny, 1851-1868 Typescript in English translated from French by Alfons Korns. Written by Louise Constantin de Varigny whose husband, Charles de Varigny served as French Consul in Hawaiʻi, Minister of Finance, and Prime Minster.
The Elements of Political Economy Translations and notes by Cathleen N. Tokishi into English of No Ke Kalaiaina, William Richard's Hawaiian-language translation of the 1837 edition of The Elements of Political Economy by Francis Wayland.
Journal of Stephen Reynolds Photocopies of typed, edited transcripts, covering Nov. 1823-Aug. 1855.
Ku Kanaka (Stand Tall): A Search for Hawaiian Values Photocopy accompanied by review by Abraham Piianaia. Written by George Kanahele and published by University of Hawaiʻi Press.
Royal Genealogy of H.R.H.P. Kaikilani IV and Her Family Typescript of affidavit sworn by Laura Keahikuniaalapalala and filed at Circuit Court, First Circuit, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaiʻi, June 17, 1913.
Personal Account of the First Seven Months of World War II Written by Ella Gabriel Parker. Her husband, Charles Arthur Parker, had gone out to the Islands early in 1941 to work at the naval shipyard at Pearl Harbor.
Encyclopedia entry for Hawaiʻi Typescript written for Encyclopaedia Hebraica.
Anatomy of Vegetative Organs of the Pineapple, Ananas Comosus (L.) Merr. Original plates of photographs and drawings of pineapple plants and microscopic images of pineapple cell structure for the article "Anatomy of Vegetative Organs of the Pineapple, Ananas Comosus (L.) Merr." written by Beatrice Krauss. Plates include handwritten instructions by author for placement, etc.
Historical Aspects of Health and Disease in Hawaiʻi Photocopied manuscript notes related to Charles Judd's presentation about historical aspects of health and disease in Hawaiʻi at a meeting/panel on June 2, 1972.
Title Description
Dole Corporation Archives, 1856-1993 Contains corporate records from founding in 1901 and related subject files, including international activities, files on Lanai pertaining to families and to land and water information dating from 1856, advertisements, can labels, engineering drawings, and audiovisual materials. Bulk records from 1901-1971. 

Hawaiian Sugar Plantation Archives, 1850-1991

Business records from numerous sugar companies on the Hawaiian Islands. Includes corporate records, correspondence, cultivation contracts, financial records, personnel and payroll records, production records, miscellaneous records, other company records. The finding aid is available on this webpage,
Hawaiian Professional Songwriters' Society Archives, 1972-1988
Private, statewide society founded to preserve and promote music in Hawaii and Polynesia and protect legal rights of members as composers, performance and recording artists. Contains the Society's correspondence, minutes, by-laws, newspaper clippings, journal articles, excerpts from published materials, sheet music, song sheets, songwriter drafts of songs, and other miscellaneous items. 
Hawaiʻi Literacy Arts Council Archives, 1974-1991 Non-profit organization founded in 1974 which sponsors readings, lectures and conferences, awards, and organizes programs such as the poets-in-residence and poets-in-schools. Contains Society's  correspondence, meeting minutes, financial and other reports, clippings, newsletter issues, flyers, photographs, and computer disks.
Hawaiian Music Foundation Archives, 1971-1981
Founded in 1971 to perpetuate, promote and preserve traditional musical arts of Hawaii. Contains Foundation's correspondence, meeting minutes, financial and other reports, clippings, photographs, slides, brochures, flyers, sheet music, posters and scrapbooks.
Energy House / Tropical Research House Records, 1975-1986 Research project started in 1975 to demonstrate the potential for resource conservation at the residential scale by building a house called the Hawaiian Energy House. Contains specifications, plans, architectural and other drawings, press releases, manuscripts, clippings, flyers, and pamphlets.
Hawaii Public Theater Archives, 1974-1981 Created in 1975 to establish a permanent professional theater in Hawaiʻi that presented contemporary, classical, and local plays. Contains correspondence, minutes, memos, reports, financial records, grant applications, scripts, brochures, flyers, clippings and videotapes. 
State Foundation on Culture and the Arts (Hawaii) Grant Project Records, 1965-1993 Information on more than 400 cultural, historical and arts organizations, and their activities as well as individual artists in Hawaiʻi. Contains history of organization, incorporation papers, project proposals, award letters, progress reports, final reports, evaluations, final results, publicity, news reports, photographs, and video recordings. 
Ewa Plantation Company Records, 1890-1897 Contains 8 annual diary books with daily comments by the plantation manager, W.J. Lowrie, includes planting, fertilizing, harvesting, irrigation, equipment details, births, current events, arrival of new plantation workers.
Hawaiian Western Steel Records, 1958-1992
Established by Western Canada Steel, half-Hawaii and half-Canadian-owned. Owners were Lowell Dillingham, George Freitas, Hung Wo Ching, and Alexander & Baldwin Hawaiian Life. Includes business records, by-laws, minutes of board meetings
Hawaiian Botanical Gardens Foundation Records, 1956-1972 Established to help the development of botanical gardens of all kinds throughout the Hawaiʻi, and to encourage research and instruction in tropical botany and horticulture, and to study the possibility of a national' Tropical Botanical Garden in Hawaiʻi. Includes notices of meetings, treasurer's reports, correspondence, minutes, by-laws and newsletters.
Honolulu Community Media Council Archives, 1969-2003 Established in 1970 to improve public access to information, strengthen support for First Amendment rights and freedoms, broaden public understanding of the role of media, and promote fair journalism in Hawaiʻi. Archive named after Dodie Miller. Contains official documents, files on HCMC's activities, official complaints filed with Council about media concerns and media of presentations, conferences, and sponsored meetings.
University of Hawaiʻi Committee for the Preservation and Study of Hawaiian Language, Art and Culture Archives, 1959-2013 Committee established by UH President Dr. Laurence Snyder after Territorial Legislature instituted a program for "the preservation and study of Hawaiian language, art, and culture" and appropriated funds and responsibility to the University of Hawaiʻi. Contains grant project files with correspondence, progress reports, contracts, draft and final publications and other materials, and some administrative files.
Catholic Women's Guild Archives, 1859-2012 Oldest active lay Catholic organization in Hawai'i that addressed the challenges of orphans, Honolulu's bubonic plague outbreak and great Chinatown fire of 1900. Contains constitutions, by-laws, annual reports, president, treasurer and committee reports, minutes, membership lists, documentation of activities, photographs, clippings, and scrapbooks.
Save Our Surf (SOS) Archives, 1960-2000 Established in 1961 as a grassroots organization led by Hawaiʻi surfer community to protect Hawaiʻi reefs and shorelines from urban development. Won over 38 major environmental victories stopping destructive projects like the Kuhio Breach widening project and reef dredging around eastern O'ahu. Contains flyers, pamplets, newsletters, posters, photos, notes, correspondence, and research materials.
Title Description
Diary by an unnamed author, 1941-1942 Apparently written by the secretary of Tetsuo Oi. Covers  December 7, 1941 to February 4, 1942 noting activities of territorial and U.S. governments with Japanese and Japanese-American residents of Hawaiʻi, disaster recovery and war preparation.
Title Description
King Kalakaua to S.G. Wilder, Minister of Interior, 1879 Letter written July 5, 1879 in Honolulu regarding release of a leper in Hawaiʻi. Accompanied by photograph of autograph dealer's cover sheet.
Kamehameha V to George Mason, 1866 Letter written September 17, 1868 in Waikiki regarding an inquiry concerning William Shaw, a boy living in Honolulu.
Kamehameha IV to Mrs. K.N. Lee, n.d. Letter written in Honolulu soliciting information about a judge and mentioning fortification of his castle.
Queen Emma to Mrs. E.L. Youmans, 1866 Letter written July 25, 1866 in London concerning Queen Emma's schedule for leaving London.
Unknown author to friend, n. d. Letter written in Honolulu about a Japanese wedding reception the author attended at a recreation hall on Waialua Sugar Co. plantation by invitation from the plantation luna.
Letters Regarding Honolulu Chinatown Fire, 1900 Collection of letters written in English and Chinese in January and February of 1900. Provides first-person account of early days of plague in Chinatown and events leading up to Chinatown fire of 1900.
Letters Regarding Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge, 1966-1972 Collection of letters documenting Charles Lindbergh's efforts to create a new national park in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands, now called Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument. Letters reflect his conservative beliefs about birds and whales in the area.
Oliver Lee to Multiple Recipients, 1972 Mimeograph letter written September 28, 1972 regarding a civil liberties suit in Hawaiʻi. Oliver Lee was a Professor of the University of Hawaiʻi in the Political Science department.
Title Description
Jan Schaafsma Scrapbook, 1941-1966 Native of Friesland, Holland who lived in Hawaiʻi from 1909-1945 and 1977 until death in 1980. Mainly periodical clippings on World War II and military memorabilia.
Hester Dickson Album, 1861-1909 Album of autographs, many with greetings, messages, verses, and quotations by friends and acquaintances, including prominent individuals and families in Hawaiʻi.
Pacific Island Materials from HSPA Clippings, 1936-1952 File clippings regarding agriculture in Oceania from the Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association (HSPA).
Communism Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook, 1949-1950 Series of articles by various authors clipped from Honolulu Advertiser and Honolulu Star-Bulletin about communism.
Title Description
George Helm Papers, 1970-1977 Native Hawaiian activity of the 1970's who protested the bombing of Kaho'olawe.
Tandy MacKenzie Papers, 1909-1986 Operatic tenor was an international singing career in Italy, Germany, and Honolulu.
Robert Catton Papers, 1894-1932 Honolulu Businessman and author. Most of the material concerns Catton's interest in Robert Louis Stevenson.
John Rae Papers, 1849-1904 Economist, geologist, educator, and judge, in Hawaii and Canada. Letters, notes, and notebooks dealing mostly with geology, the Hawaiian Islands and the Hawaiian people.
Thomas Thrum Papers, 1875-1932       Publisher, writer and folklorist. Contains biographical materials on Thrum, drafts of books, articles, and unpublished work.
Donald Angus Papers, 1908-2001 Collection of pinaepple lore. Contains correspondance and records of Donald Angus, extracts and reproductions from books and articles, and miscellaneous pineapple illustrations.
Aldyth Morris Papers, 1954-1981 Playwright and author of children's books. Contains typescripts and drafts of plays, correspondence, clippings, drawings, scrapbooks, photographs, brochures, programs, and published books.
Lady Franklin Papers, 1860-1881 A close friend to Queen Emma. Contains letters, journals, and other writings from various authors including: Sophia Cracroft, Lady Franklin, Queen Emma, King Kamehameha IV, King Kamehameha V, Robert C. Wyllie and others.
Walter M. Giffard Papers, 1887-1917 Worked for William G. Irwin in various business enterprises from 1877-1909, such as Irwin Estate. Irwin formed the bank Claus Spreckles & Co., later Bank of Honolulu, Ltd. with Claus Spreckles. Contains 16 volumes of letter press books of Giffard's outgoing business and personal correspondence, correspondence concerning business affairs and Portuguese consulates in Hawaiʻi, and materials related to Maunawili Ranch and Waimanalo Ranch.
William P. Hooper Papers, 1838-1845 Acting U.S. Commercial Agent for the Sandwich Islands, 1842-1845. Contains bills accounts, business and personal correspondence, journals, and other papers.
Charles Warren Stoddard Papers, 1863-1993 Poet, novelist, journalist, and essayist with many ties to Hawaiʻi and the Pacific. Contains dairies, correspondence, copies of writings, and biographical notes. Includes letters to and from Queen Liliuokalani and William Dean Howell.
Arthur Lyman Dean Papers, 1926-1929 President of the University of Hawaiʻi from 1914-1927. Contains typescripts of papers published in various publications.
Ralph S. Kuykendall Papers, 1922-1963 Professor and Historian of Hawaiian History. Contains correspondence, copies of documents, letters, articles, translations of Hawaiian language materials, photographs, book reviews, and drafts of work.
Jim Richstad Papers, 1964-1966 Researcher who studied martial law in Hawaii and censorship during World War II. Contains interviews with prominent individuals.
Hyatt Barnes Papers, 1968-1969 Industrial Engineer for C. Brewer and Company. Contains copies of typescripts and manuscripts, pamphlets, brochures, and newsletters related to Hyattʻs work for C. Brewer Company.
Title Description
Theodore A. Vierra Photos, 1946-1960 Architect and Director of architectural division for Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association. Helped build low-cost housing on Maui, Kauai, and Hawaiʻi island. Designed airport terminals, hotels, schools, civic and commercial buildings. Photos include buildings Vierra designed.
Title Description
Hawaii Five-O Television Scripts, 1969-1976 Teleplay scripts, annotated with director's handwritten shooting notes, for selected episodes of the television detective series Hawaii Five-O.
Manoa Valley Papers Research Collection Research materials used for the book, Manoa: The Story of a Valley. Includes book excerpts, interviews, oral histories, journal articles, letters, maps, newspaper clippings, typscript papers, miscellaneous, photographs, and sound recordings.
Jack Lord Research Collection Compiled materials related to Jack Lord from Hawaii Five-O. Includes photographs, articles from television periodicals and scattered issues of The Official Jack Lord Newsletter.
Research Notes for Hawaii, America's Sugar Territory, 1898-1959 Six linear feet of research notes for the book Hawaii, America's Sugar Territory, 1898-1959 written by Melody H. Brett and published by Edwin Mellen Press in 1999.
Data Relating to the History of the Firm H. Hackfeld & Company, Limited Includes letters regarding sugar between John F. Humburg, Herman G Lernke, and John G. Coonley between the years 1945-1946.
Pamphlets on Communism 29 volumes of communism related pamphlets in 2 boxes from 1938 to 1955 published by the United States government, organizations, and individuals. Some pamphlets discuss communism in Hawaiʻi.

Pacific Archive Collections

Title Description
Bibliography of the Pacific: 500 Books Marked copy of a core bibliography of annotated lists of basic works for Pacific Studies written by Margaret Titcomb, former head librarian and distinguished research at the Bishop Museum (1931-1969) who created a collection of Hawaiian and Pacific resources renowned for its depth and richness.
Kosrae Typescript of Elizabeth A. Murphy's translation of E. Sarfert's 'Hamburger Sudsee-Expedition (1908-1910)', an ethnology of the Micronesian state of Kosrae.
Index of Dispatches from the United States Consuls Index of dispatches from the United States consuls and registers or indexes of consular instructions for Australia, Fiji, Butaritari, the Gilbert Islands, New Zealand, the Phillippine Islands, Samoa and Tahiti during the 19th century. Prepared by Rhoda E. Hackler. Organized chronologically within each country.
Segesege Ethnology on body markings of young males and females in the Solomon Islands (Santa Ana and Santa Catalina) by Douglas Faulkner, known for his photographic essays and specialization in marine photography. The term 'segesege' refers to unpigmented facial markings scratched or carved into the skin.
Parau Tupuna Ancestral history, legends, traditional knowledge and a creation myth from Raivavae, Austral Islands, French Polynesia written by Paipaimoana a Opeta with some text written by the author's son, Tauirae. Chiefly in Tahitian and Raivavaean; some text translated into English; collector's notes in English.
History of Rurutan Religion in Ancient Times; History of Manete Family; Dictionary of Tahitian and French Ancestral history of the Manete Family and Tahitian-French dictionary from Rurutu, Austral Islands, French Polynesia by Terimana a Pohetai. In Tahitian and French.
Parau Tupuna of Rurutu                Ancestral history and traditional knowledge from Rurutu, Austral Islands, French Polynesia.
Parau Fenua Photocopy of a land ownership book from Rurutu, Austral Islands, French Polynesia written by Natapu Hurahutia. In Tahitian; collector's notes in English.
Parau Tupuna Ancestral history of the Manate Family, Rurutu, Austral Islands, French Polynesia. Copied in the handwriting of Terimana from an original written in the 19th century. In Tahitian; collector's notes in English. Some text translated into English and French.
Parau Omuaraa Note Bibilia  Discussion and summary of the Old Testament, Luke and traditional religion of Rurutu followed by Amaiterai genealogy and history of the royal family's generals. Written by Terimana a Pohetai in Tahitian; collector's notes in English.
Comparative Lists of Words in Fijian and Other Languages Compiled by Brian D. Hackman in Fijian, Gilbertese (Kiribati), Mono-Alu (Shortland Islands), Rennellese (Bellona), Sikaiana, Tahitian, Tikopia, Tuvaluan (Ellice), Ulawa. Includes names and locations of native speaker consultants. Author also did geological work in Solomon Islands.
Ponape Typescript of translation of Paul Hambruch's German text, 'Hamburger Sudsee-Expedition (1908-1910). Translations by Elizabeth A. Murphy and Ruth E. Runeborg. In English with extensive use of Pohnpeian terms.
Marshall Islands Typescript translation draft of Augstin Kramer's, 'Ralik-Ratak (1938).' Translated from German by Ruth E. Runeborg. In English with extensive use of Marshallese terms.
Check List of Insects and Other Land Arthropoda Recorded from Fiji Checklist compiled by E.H. Bryan from the card catalog in Bernice P. Bishop Museum. Contains references to 1936.
The Bonin Islands: Pawns of Power Mary Shepardson's unpublished manuscript, correspondence and related scholarly articles about the history of colonization in the Bonin Islands. 
Palauan Legends Photocopy of Paulan legends collected, transcribed, translated and edited by Rosie Batchellor with assistance from Val Sengebau for the Palau Community Action Agency in 1981.
True Stories of Old Tahiti: Moral and Otherwise Typescript of writings for an unpublished book about prewar Tahiti by Ernest Edmonds, a British consul and Cambridge M.A..
Ordinary Language Unpublished manuscript of George W. Grace, emeritus professor at University of Hawaii at Manoa Department of Linguistics.
Manuscript Notes of Whaling Voyages Notes on whaling voyages, probably in the 1850s and 60s, on a number of vessels worldwide. Written by Zenas D. Layon, a whaleman from Martha's Vineyard, Edgartown. Notes written on Western Assurance Co. letterhead approximately around 1900.
My Samoa Typescript of Bruce Cartwright's visit to American Samoa in 1927. Includes 19 photographs.
Poetry, Chants and Other Writings Translations of chants, original poetry, articles (largely photocopied) from physician, poet, historian and author Dr. William M. Peck, whose career included many years in the islands of Micronesia, particularly the Marshall Islands, Chuuk, Saipan and Rota.
The Polynesian Plant World Lecture notes of first term Yale University student, Frank E. Engler from a course on Polynesian plants taught by Carl J.F. Skottsberg at Yale's Osborn Botanical Laboratory. 
Pacific Islands Castaway Lore Clippings from Hawaiʻi and U.S. newspapers and periodicals, covering Kenneth P. Emory research on survival skills. Later published by Bishop Museum as "South Sea Lore" in 1943.
English-Marshallese Marshallese-English Word List and Grammatical Notes Handwritten word lists and grammatical notes compiled by Eleanor Wilson during her time in the Marshall Islands (1946-1961). Wilson, a missionary, visited Kosrae, Rong Rong, Majuro Atoll. In the early 1950s, Wilson served as a captain on the Morningstar VI, an inter-island transport vessel.
Interviews with High Chief Faiivae Galea'i of Leone (Tutuila, American Samoa) Folders include transcriptions of a series of interviews, exact number unknown, conducted by an unidentified interviewer during May and June, 1973. Some of the transcripts are undated and un-numbered, making it unclear whether they are separate or continuations of other interviews.
Interviews with Paramount Talking High Chief Alofipō Typescript transcriptions of two interviews conducted in Samoan language. Both interviews recorded in Laie, Oahu in 1974 in three sessions: September 21, November 2, and November 22. Participating in the interviews are Paramount Talking High Chief Alofipō, his wife Mrs. Usuia Alofipō, the interviewer Dixie Crichton Samasoni, and a fourth person named Mataumu T. Alisa. The interviews are separately titled "Mōligā Afiafi" and "Sina ma lana Iʻa."
Title Description
Federated States of Micronesia Constitutional Convention, 1990 Records from the constitutional convention of the Federated States of Micronesia began work on July 16, 1990 to review the 1980 document. Twenty-six amendments were proposed and in a 1991 referendum voters approved four.
Great Britain Colonial Office, 1877-1895 Documents concerning immigrant laborers to the Pacific Islands, including Fiji, Hawaii and New Caledonia from the Colonial Office. The Colonial Office of Great Britain, 1768-1966, oversaw colonial affairs of the British Empire. Records are arranged by Public Record Office file number and titles of documents.
Great Britain Foreign Office, 1863-1882 Documents on the pacific slave trade. Records are arranged by Foreign Office archives file numbers.
Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania Archives, 1966-2003 The Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania is an international organization dedicated to comparative studies of Pacific topics. Inventory available in the Hawaiian and Pacific Reading Room.
Canvasback Mission Archives, 1985-1988 Documents from the Canvasback Mission which provided medical assistance to communities in the Marshall Islands. Records include newsletters, fundraising letter, brochure, letter, and article.
Marimed Foundation Archives, 1986-1996 The Marimed Foundation is a nonprofit organization serving communities in Hawaii and the Pacific through experiential-based therapy programs. Content is primarily related to the Tole Mour, the foundation's hospital ship which provided medical services to remote atolls of the Marshall Islands. Records include letters, memoranda, annual reports, brochures, handouts, fundraising materials and journal articles.
Great Britain Privy Council Judicial Committee, 1823-2006 Records represent the record presented in the 2006 appeal of the Pitcairn Island rape cases to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. The judicial committee functions as the final court of appeal for present British colonies and a number of former ones such as Jamaica and Tuvalu. The record contains orders of the court, pleadings filed by the lawyers, notes of the testimony given by the witnesses, police reports and extensive file of historical evidence from archives in Britain, New Zealand and Australia. Names of victims and descriptions of the attacks have been omitted. Bulk date 2006.
Great Britain High Commission for Western Pacific Islands, British Solomon Islands, National Census, 1970 Printouts of the 1970 national census of the Solomon Islands Protectorate. Population counts for male, female and household arranged by locality. Some sheets contain handwritten notes.
Title Description
Journal of Walter H. Hambuechen, 1960-1961 Photocopy of journal and notes. Content relates to flora of Rurutu Island, French Polynesia.
Diary of Gaston Liébert, 1888 Journal and notes of a French traveler to Tahiti, dated 1888, with observations on Tahitian scenery, customs, events and colonial influence on Tahitian life. Handwritten in pencil.
Diary of Sgt. Thomas Lombardo, 1946 World War II diary of Sgt. Thomas Lombardo, 20th aaf 1945-46, Guam. Includes photographs of Guam and portraits of 'Betty."
Diary of Corporal James M. Shaw, 1942-1943 World War II diary of Corporal James M. Shaw (U.S. Army) 1942-1945, was stationed in northwest Australia prior to deployment for military actions in Dutch New Guinea (West Papua). This diary details daily life in the corporal's unit and includes descriptions of battles and attacks on Japanese warplanes.
Account Book of Jules Henry, 1876-1879 and 1881-1882 Manuscript account book kept by French Captain Jules Henry aboard the steamship Nouvelle Bretagne during Marquis de Ray's ill-fated 1881-1882 settling expedition in New Guinea. In French.
Title Description
Letters Regarding Language and Education in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (Micronesia), 1951-1954 Letters and memoranda of government officials concerning language and education policy complied by Byron W. Bender. Principal correspondents include Robert E. Gibson, director of education in the Trust Territory of the Pacific; Frank E. Midkiff, high commissioner; Allan H. Smith, staff anthropologist. Letters chiefly in English; some text in Pohnpeian.
Letters to Governor Richard Barrett Lowe, 1953-1960 Collection of letters to Richard Lowe, Governor of Guam (1953-1960), concerning honorary commissions in the Guam militia and letters of thanks from US senators and governors.
James and Mari Michener to Leonard and Sylvia Lyons, 1954-1967             Bulk dates 1954-1967. Letter, postcards and cables between James Michener, distinguished author, and Mari Michener, translator, to Leonard Lyons, newspaper columnist, and Sylvia Lyons. Majority of letters signed by James Michener; some signed by Mari Michener.
Letters of Major Selma Moody Brawner, Army Nurse Corps, 1944-1946 Collection of letters written to friends by army nurse, Selma Brawner, during a tour of over-seas duty in Australian New Guinea (Papua), Hollandia, Dutch New Guinea, and Manila, Philippines.
Letter to the French Under-Secretary to the Colonies, 1890 Typescript of letter written October 10, 1890 in Paris to the French Under-Secretary to the Colonies regarding the 'New Hebrides question' (Vanuatu).
Translation of a Letter to the Editor of the Argus, 1890 Typescript of French translation of a letter dated August 29,1890 in Melbourne to the editor of The Argus, a daily newspaper. Letter voices the opinion of Mr. Service on the question of New Hebrides (Vanuatu).
Letter to the editor of Argus, 1890 Reproduction of the letter written by Mr. Service to the editor of The Argus, published in the August 30, 1890 issue regarding the New Hebrides (Vanuatu) question.
Thomas Hiland to John R. Prentiss, Esq., 1880 Letter dated September 9, 1880 from Thomas Hillard, surgeon aboard the USS Alaska, to John R. Prentiss of Almstead, New Hampshire. Content of the letter describes a visit to Samoa and includes comments on political developments in the period leading up to the Samoan civil war.
George H. Nobbs to Right Reverend Christopher Wordsworth, Bishop of Lincoln, 1874 Letter written December 30, 1874 by George H. Nobbs, schoolmaster and pastor of Pitcairn Island to the Bishop of Lincoln asking for a copy of the bible. Nobbs also describes the origin of the Pictarin Island community from the mutineers of the H.M.S. Bounty and the converting of a former convict store into a church.
Title Description
George Grace Papers, 1955-1991 Field notes, slides, photographs and related papers of Dr. George Grace, professor emeritus at the University of Hawaii Manoa Department of Linguistics (1964-1991) on his travels through Melanesia (1955-1956) - Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Papua (West Papua/Irian Jaya) and the Solomon Islands. Manuscripts P00022-24 are notes on ethnolinguistics.
Saul H. Riesenberg Papers, 1946-1991 Cultural anthropologist focusing on Pacific Islands, particularly Micronesia. The bulk of this collection includes correspondence, fields notes, sketches, maps, charts, tables, photographs, research notes and manuscripts. Also includes reprints and photocopies of materials from the 19th and 20th centuries.
Miles M. Jackson Papers, 1988-1999 Papers regarding the foundation of the American Samoa Barstow Memorial Library. Papers donated by Miles M. Jackson, author and past dean of the University of Hawaii's Library and Information Science Program, who played an instrumental role in the establishment of the library. Papers are divided into two categories: correspondence/library plans and reports.
Robert W. Logan Papers, 1871-1949 Missionary to Micronesia. Papers include correspondence and observations about the Morning Star, a missionary vessel, life and Christianity in Micronesia.
Robert E. Gibson Papers, 1951-1961 Director of education of the United States Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands from 1951 to 1964. Bulk of the collection is correspondence between the U.S. administration and educators. Collection also includes reports (monthly from various districts), speeches, conference material, play scripts, photographs, typescripts for publication, maps, and personal materials. Text in English, Palauan, Pohnpean, Yapese and other languages.
Steve Thomas Papers, 1983-1989 Unpublished papers, slides, audiovisual, oral history transcripts, photographs related to traditional navigation on Satawal Island, Yap. Steven Thomas, author and film director of The Last Navigator, documented the knowledge and life of Mau Pialiug, one of the last surviving palu, who navigated through use of natural signs.
Howard P. Willens Papers, 1960-1995 Howard P. Willens was retained by the Marianas Political Status Commission to represent it in negotiations with the U.S. regarding their future political status (1972-1976). He served as counsel to the First Marianas Constitutional Convention (1976) and the Third Marianas Constitutional Convention (1995-1996). Documents include historical and presidential documents about the Northern Mariana Islands and Micronesia.
Jack Tobin Papers, 1928-2003 Bulk of the collection relates to Tobin's anthropological work in the Marshall Islands namely the atolls of Majuro, Enewetak, Bikini, Rongelap, Ujelang, Arno, Kwajalein and Ebeye. Collection also includes photographs, slides, government reports, court documents, maps, genealogies, newspapers clippings, correspondence and manuscripts. In English; some Marshallese.
Richard Feinberg Papers, 1972 Collection contains material created by Dr.Feinberg during his course of work as an anthropologist in the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Tokulea. Currently it contains daily journals created during fieldwork. Additional accessions are expected.
Title Description
Memorial Statements and Documents from the 60th Anniversary of the Invasion and Liberation of Saipan and Tinian Statements and documents collected on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the World War II invasion and liberation of the Northern Marianas Islands of Saipan and Tinian. In English; some Chamorro.
French Nuclear Testing Collection, 1995-1996 Primarily photocopies of newspaper articles from 1995-1996 on nuclear weapon testing in Mururuoa Atoll, French Polynesia. Also includes statements made before U.S. Congress, press releases and other materials from anti-nuclear organizations.
Guadalcanal Weather Coast Project (1972 GWCP Census), 1972-1973 Project was suggested by the Solomon Island administration to address the concern that population densities in the Tasimauri (Weather Coast) valley and coast environments could outstrip food, land and marine resources. Framed as a joint project between the East-West Center (Population Institute) and the University of Hawaii, eight village sites were enumerated for population as well as agriculture, money, communications, and socioeconomic activities between September 1972 and January 1973.