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Government Documents - Department of Agriculture: Natural Resources Conservation Service

Guide to our holdings of publications of the USDA and its subsidiary agencies related to agriculture, farming, production, imports and exports, prices, research and development, farmer cooperatives, and related topics.

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About NRCS

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) began as the Soil Erosion Service during the Great Depression. In 1935, with passage of the Soil Conservation Act, the Soil Conservation Service was established. Its name changed to NRCS in 1994. NRCS provides assistance to farmers and ranchers to help them practice soil conservation.

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Government Documents provides access to many NRCS publications, many of which are not cataloged. Our holdings include the following series:

Soil surveys of every county in the U.S. (A 57.38:)

Soil conservation (A 57.9:)

We also have general publications, handbooks, pamphlets, and other documents produced by NRCS. In addition, we have Congressional reports, documents, committee hearings, and prints related to erosion and soil conservation. Search for these using ProQuest Congressional (UHM login required).

The Map Collection has some aerial photographs done by the NRCS.

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One hundred years in the Great Plains

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