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Hawai`i's Military Archives, Museums and Libraries : Libraries

This guide provides information and links to the military archives, museums, and libraries in Hawai`i and discusses research strategies for using the resources they hold.

Digital Libraries with coverage on Hawaii's military history

Hawaii Libraries with materials related to Hawaii's military history

Military Base Libraries

Many of Hawaii's military bases maintain base libraries that function similarly to public libraries.

  • Base libraries hold general reading materials, as well as books and publications related to warfare and military history.
  • Access to base libraries is limited to active-duty military members and their dependents, military retirees, and reservists.
  • Authorized members can sponsor a private civilian onto base; If you're an authorized member or a civilian who can obtain sponsorship, contact any of the following  base libraries to inquire about their collections:

Air Force/Navy:


Marine Corps:


  • Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies Library - Located at 2058 Maluhia Road Honolulu, HI 96815,(808) 971-8900. Access for authorized users only. Website has useful resource guides and links for conducting research related to the military.