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Hawai`i's Military Archives, Museums and Libraries : Find Books

This guide provides information and links to the military archives, museums, and libraries in Hawai`i and discusses research strategies for using the resources they hold.

Books in the Library

Here is a sampling of books available in Hamilton Library:

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Finding Library Materials

Find books, articles, online resources, and much more in OneSearch, the UHM Library's discovery tool.


Basic "keyword" searches are a good place to start research on military materials in the library. Keep in mind that the Voyager database does not recognize initial definite and indefinite articles in searches (leave off the "The" and the "A" or "An" at the start of your keyword search) and too many search terms can make the search results overly limited.

In Advanced Searches you can use "AND" to connect your 2 or 3 keyword search terms and require the database to deliver only the results with all your keywords;

Or, you can use "OR" to require the database to deliver results which contain either of your keywords (or both). In this search you should have many more results than the one where you use "AND" to connect your terms.

Intially, try basic searches with two or three at most highly relevant words, and refine from there in Advanced Searches, if you want to use specific terms and focus your search. In Advanced Searches, subject searches can also be very fruitful. Keep the subject searches simple while you are looking for possible subjects which the database recognizes.

If you get stuck, try the reference desk in Government Documents below the lobby on the basement level: there are skilled reference librarians who might be able to help you focus your search or find new resources.