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Hawai`i's Military Archives, Museums and Libraries : Resources by Military Branch

This guide provides information and links to the military archives, museums, and libraries in Hawai`i and discusses research strategies for using the resources they hold.

Military Base Libraries

Many of Hawaii's military bases maintain base libraries that function similarly to public libraries.

  • Base libraries hold general reading materials, as well as books and publications related to warfare and military history.
  • Access to base libraries is limited to active-duty military members and their dependents, military retirees, and reservists.
  • Authorized members can sponsor a private civilian onto base; If you're an authorized member or a civilian who can obtain sponsorship, contact any of the following  base libraries to inquire about their collections:

Air Force/Navy:


Marine Corps:


  • Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies Library - Located at 2058 Maluhia Road Honolulu, HI 96815,(808) 971-8900. Access for authorized users only. Website has useful resource guides and links for conducting research related to the military.

Air Force