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Hawai`i's Military Archives, Museums and Libraries : Archives

This guide provides information and links to the military archives, museums, and libraries in Hawai`i and discusses research strategies for using the resources they hold.

Hawai'i's Past: Military Collections

Archival Collections in Hawai'i

Digital Archives

National Archives Records Administration (Digital Archives)

  • Online Veterans and Military Documents  
    Documents available online include casualty records, enclistment and draft records, phtots, and additional finding aids/research tools.
  • Archival Research Catalog (ARC)  
    ARC is a catalog which searches NARA's nationwide holdings. Select "digital copies" to search content that is electronically available online.

Other Digital Archives

Key Resources: The Digital Photo Collections of Hawaii State Archives

Hawai'i State Archives, Digital Collections, U.S. Navy ship off Oahu.

(Hawai'i State Archives, Digital Collections, U.S. Navy Ship off O'ahu)

Featured Archives in Hawai'i with Military Collections

1. The Hawaii State Archives

The Archives Division in the Hawaii Department of Accounting and General Services is home to the Hawai'i State Archives. When you are ready to start searching, you can explore and click here on the: Archives Division

The Hawaii State Archives has a rich collection of materials relating to the history of Hawai'i and its various governmental incarnations, with photos, letters, documents, papers, maps and more, ranging in scope as well as time periods spanning through the Kingdom, Territorial, and State governments. Some of these materials include documents and photos about the American military. Some finding aids may be uploaded in PDF format directly from the website with subject categories and other information to aid the researcher on military matters. 

Digital Archives Catalog

2. Tropic Lightning Museum (Army) (Schofield Barracks, O'ahu)

This O'ahu based museum and archival collection includes military yearbooks from 1941-2009, primary and secondary source materials from 1939-present, and select military newspapers and magazines from 1900 to 1975, documenting the history of Schofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Airfield and the history of the 25th Infantry Division: Archives (


Tropic Lightning Museum Waianae Avenue, Bldg. 361

Schofield Barracks, HI 96875