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Hawaiʻi - Mary Kawena Pukui Annotated Bibliography: 1930's

Hawaii - Mary Kawena Pukui Annotated Bibliography

List of Publications

Kepelino. Kepelinoʻs Traditions of Hawaii. Edited by Martha
Warren Beckwith. Translated by Mary Kawena Pukui. Honolulu: Bernice P. Bishop Museum, 1932.
Call number: AM101 .B442 no.95 
Contains Kepelino’s accounts of Hawaiian culture, tradition, and history. Divided into sections on the Gods and historical traditions, star lore and the calendar, dream lore, chiefs and slaves, commoners; food and farming. Contains an extensive appendix with additional historical, cultural, and ethnographic material.
Languages of publication: ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi and English.
Pukui, Mary Kawena. Hawaiian Folk Tales. Poughkeepsie, NY: Vassar College, 1933.
Call number: GR 385 .P745 18
Mo‘olelo collected and translated by Pukui from her home district of Ka‘u. Includes the origin of the breadfruit tree, stories of Kamehameha, place names, folk lore, etc... Pukui includes the names of the person who told her the story.
Languages of publication: ʻŌlelo Hawai‘i on left hand pages, English on right hand. Not every story has ʻŌlelo and no explanation is given as to why.


Kawena, Pukui Mary, E.S. Craighill Handy, and Katherine Livermore. Outline of Hawaiian Physical Therapeutics. Bernice P. Bishop Museum Bulletin 126. Honolulu: The Museum, 1934.
This bulletin is collected in one volume with six others published in 1934 and 1935. Information on Hawaiian medicine was collected from people on all of the principal islands,including Ni‘iahu. Areas of medicine include the psychic aspects of diseases and their cures; lomilomi, la‘au, diet, etc … includes a Pathology glossary, Key to Authorities of Plant Names, list of Animal Substances used Medicinally, List of Medicinal Minerals, bibliography, and a worksheet for further study of Hawaiian medicine.
Languages of publication: English

The Canoe Making Profession of Ancient Times. Edited by Kenneth P. Emory. Translated by Mary Kawena Pukui. Vol. 15 of Occasional Papers Bernice P. Bishop Museum of Polynesian Ethnology and Natural History. 13. Honolulu: The Museum, 1939.
Goes step by step through the process of making a canoe. Native names for plants and trees are also give their scientific names. Includes some detail on making a stone adz. Includes the personal mo‘olelo of the original author. Spiritual aspects of canoe making are included... various mo‘olelo are braided together in this essay to give readers a good sense of what canoe making was like. Issued also as Papers of the Hawaiian Historical Society, no. 20, p. 26-37.
Languages of publication:ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi on the left hand page, with diacriticalmarks, and English on right hand page. 

Bibliography Information

D. Kealiʻi MacKenzie

This bibliography was written by D. Kealiʻi MacKenzie. It was originally compiled as a project for Hawaiian Studies 203: Review of Hawaiian Literature, in Spring 2011, as such it was completed in April of that year. Kealiʻi deposited the content of the bibliography in to this guide, and allowed the UHM Library to continue to make this content available to the public. Questions or comments may be directed to Dore Minatodani, at, or (808) 956-2852.