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Hawaiʻi - Mary Kawena Pukui Annotated Bibliography: Additional resources

Hawaii - Mary Kawena Pukui Annotated Bibliography

Biographic Information on Pukui

"Kawena's Legacy"
A 2007 article on Mary Kawena Pukui from Hana Hou: The Magazine of Hawaiian Airlines. 


Hawaiʻi Music Hall of Fame
Entry for Mary Kawena Pukui

Bishop Museum: Hawaiian Ethnographic Notes

Access to a databse of a collection compiled and translated by Mary Kawena Pukui throughout her career at Bishop Museum. The collection is composed of Hawaiian language materials and its scope and subeject range varies accross a wide bredth of topics.

Other Pukui Bibliographies

These are the two bibliographies I checked this bibliography against. They have been highly informative in making sure I know what gaps exist. The "Seventy Years of Pukuiana" bibliography contains items that were authored by others, but made use of Pukui's translations or interviews with her. These have been beyond helpful and I am indebted to the compilers for these works. 


"Seventy Years of Pukuiana, 1922 - 1992." Unpublished typescript, The Committee for the Preservation and Study of Hawaiian Language, Art, and Culture, Honolulu, HI, 1992.


Johnson, Rubellite Kawena. "Tentative Pukui Bibliography." Unpublished typescript, 1967.

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Bibliography Information

D. Kealiʻi MacKenzie

This bibliography was written by D. Kealiʻi MacKenzie. It was originally compiled as a project for Hawaiian Studies 203: Review of Hawaiian Literature, in Spring 2011, as such it was completed in April of that year. Kealiʻi deposited the content of the bibliography in to this guide, and allowed the UHM Library to continue to make this content available to the public. Questions or comments may be directed to Dore Minatodani, at, or (808) 956-2852.