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Okinawan Studies: Government Sources

This guide to introduce you to resources on Okinawa and Ryukyu.

Post-WWII to Reversion (1945-1972)


Printed Resources

  • Subcommittee No. 3 Consideration of H.R. 12617, To Amend the Act Providing for the Economic and Social Development in the Ryukyu Islands hearings before ... CIS Hrgs MF Gp 3--(89) H2236-0.6  (UHM Gov Doc)
  • The Ryukyu Islands in 1961 : a report of progress  D 102.2: P 94   (UHM Gov Doc)
  • Scientific investigations in the Ryukyu Islands (SIRI) report  DS895.R9 N3  (no.1,1952-no.8,1954)
  • Claims of Certain Inhabitants of the Ryukyu Islands hearings before the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs ... CIS Hrgs MF Gp 3--(89) H2129-12  (UHM Gov Doc)
  • Helpful hints for personnel ordered to U. S. Army, Ryukyu Islands  D 101.22:608-11  (UHM Gov Doc)

Resources related to the Battle of Okinawa

The Cabinet Office Okinawa Development & Promotion Bureau Database / 内閣府沖縄振興局

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After Reversion (1972-Present)

             National Archives

Resources Related to the Battle of Okinawa

             Japanese Government Okinawa Resources Department