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Okinawan Studies: Maps

Guide to Okinawa/Ryukyu-related resources

Online Maps

  • Naha City Environment Map / 那覇市環境マップ  (JPN version)
    This online map is provided by the Naha City Hall Environment Safeguard Section.  It contains 6 maps, such as an animal and plant map, beach map, river map, water well map, etc.

             map showing Naha City

  • Okinawa Map Information System / 沖縄県地図情報システム  (JPN version)
    This online map is provided by the Okinawa Prefectural Government, Information Policy Division.  It contains 36 maps, such as a governmental office map, hospital map, fishery right area map, etc.

             Okinawa Prefecture map

            Image of a map

The Battle of Okinawa Maps

Map created by the U.S.

  • American Troop Movement during the Battle of Okinawa (Retrieved from Marine Corps Gazette(ENG version)



 Map created by Japan