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Okinawan Studies: Peace Learning

This guide to introduce you to resources on Okinawa and Ryukyu.

Online Resources


Online Resources

  • The Peace Learning Archive in Okinawa / 沖縄平和学習アーカイブ  (ENG and JPN versions)

                Peace Learning Archive in Okinawa

    • The Peace Learning Archive in OKINAWA lets its users read 102 testimonials by survivors of the Battle of Okinawa, and to view 182 photographs and archived maps. Several digital archives are multi-layered on the Google Earth map to facilitate multilateral and comprehensive understanding of the Battle.
    • 「沖縄平和学習アーカイブ」では,沖縄戦争体験者の証言102人と,182点の沖縄戦写真並びに資料地図を閲覧することができます。 複数のデジタルアーカイブをGoogle Earth上の地図にデジタル重層し,沖縄戦に関する多面的で総合的な理解が出来ます
    • It is provided by the Peace and Gender Equality Promotion Division, Department of Environmental and Community Affairs, Okinawa Prefectural Government.
  • NHK沖縄放送局、「沖縄戦70年: 語り継ぐ未来へ」
  • NHK Online 沖縄放送局
  • NHK 戦争証言アーカイブス
  • 沖縄県豊見城市教育委員会文化課
  • 沖縄県公文書館 > 資料検索 > 映像 /  Okinawa Prefectural Archives > Resources > videos

Recommended Books

Printed Books


  • Okinawa: the Last Battle  (ENG version)
    This book was published by the US Center of Military History, U.S. Army in 2000. 


Resources Related to WWII

            Hiroshima Archive

            Nagasaki Archive

Peace Memorial Museums in Okinawa

  • Himeyuri Peace Museum / ひめゆり平和記念資料館  (ENG and JPN versions)
    During the battle of Okinawa, two girls' schools, 222 students and 18 teachers were mobilized to the Okinawa Army Field Hospital in Haebaru Town.  As a result, 136 of them lost their lives.  After the war, the group of students and teachers who were mobilized from the two girls' schools came to be called the "Himeyuri Student Corps."  On June 23, 1983, the Himeyuri Peace Museum was established by the Himeyuri alumnae.

Other Resources

Central Intelligence Agency, A master narratives approach to understanding base politics in Okinawa. January 5, 2012. (PDF)

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