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Okinawan Studies: Government Sources

Guide to Okinawa/Ryukyu-related resources

Post-WWII to Reversion (1945-1972)


Printed Resources

  • Subcommittee No. 3 Consideration of H.R. 12617, To Amend the Act Providing for the Economic and Social Development in the Ryukyu Islands hearings before ... CIS Hrgs MF Gp 3--(89) H2236-0.6  (UHM Gov Doc)
  • The Ryukyu Islands in 1961 : a report of progress  D 102.2: P 94   (UHM Gov Doc)
  • Scientific investigations in the Ryukyu Islands (SIRI) report  DS895.R9 N3  (no.1,1952-no.8,1954)
  • Claims of Certain Inhabitants of the Ryukyu Islands hearings before the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs ... CIS Hrgs MF Gp 3--(89) H2129-12  (UHM Gov Doc)
  • Helpful hints for personnel ordered to U. S. Army, Ryukyu Islands  D 101.22:608-11  (UHM Gov Doc)
  •  Military government in the Ryukyu Islands, 1945-1950 / by Arnold G Fisch, Jr....D 114.19:M 59/2016 (UHM Gov Doc) Electronic Resource (PDF) available at

Resources Related to the Battle of Okinawa

             Okinawa Government's Okinawa-sen Resources

After Reversion (1972-Present)

             National Archives

Islands in Okinawa

Center for Research and Promotion of Japanese Islands / 公益財団日本離島センター

The site is written entirely in Japanese, and has a list of all large and small islands that are part of Japan. Kumejima has the most information in the areas of jobs, events, relocation (including studying in Kumejima), and others.

History and Culture of Okinawa

The History and Culture of Okinawa by Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education (online resources)

The site is written in English, and last updated in June 2014. 

Part One: The History of Okinawa

  1. Prehistoric Times to the Gusuku Period
  2. Ryukyu Kingdom Era
  3. Modern Okinawa
  4. The Battle of Okinawa
  5. American Occupation
  6. Okinawa After Reversion

Part Two: Life and Culture

  1. Changing Types of Dwellings
  2. Community Scenes
  3. Festivals and the Performing Arts
  4. Culinary Culture
  5. Ryukyuan/Okinawan Literature
  6. Royal Entertainment and Karate
  7. Traditional Crafts