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Philippines: Reference Materials

Welcome to the Reference Materials Page

Welcome to the Reference Materials page.  These are selections of resource materials about the Philippines ranging from general resources to theses and dissertations.  They are categorized as printed materials and internet resources.  Please note: multiple copies, including circulating copies, may be available for reference sources listed below.  Please check the online catalog or inquire at the Asia Reference Desk.

Printed Reference Materials (Partial List)

General Resources and Yearbooks

Philippines, A Country Study; ed. by Ronald E. Dolan. Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1993. 386 p.
Asia Ref DS655 .P598 1993
Online edition


Fookien Times Philippines Yearbook. Manila: Fookien Times. 1936 - .
Master Index: 1936-1980
Asia Ref DS666 .C5 F66
Latest volume in reference.

Southeast Asian Affairs. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. 1974 - .
Asia DS502 .S76

Country Profile: Philippines. London: Economist Intelligence Unit. 1986 - .
Asia HC451 .Q331
Online edition for UHM only


Filipiniana in Madrid : Field Notes on Five Major Manuscript Collection, by Bruce Cruikshank. Honolulu: Philippine Studies Program, Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, University of Hawaii; 1984. 428 p.
Asia Ref DS653 .C775 1984

Archdiocesan Archives of Manila: A Catalogue of Archival Documents, Testaments and Holdings. Manila: Archidiocesan Archives of Manila, 1994. 401 p.
Asia Ref BX1661 .M3 A73 1994

Philippine-American Relations: A Guide to Manuscript Sources in the United States: comp. and ed. by Shiro Saito. Westport: Greenwood Press, 1982. 256 p.
Asia Ref E183.8 .P5 P54


Philippines Regional Natural Resources Atlas, by Natural Resources Management Center. Philippines: JMC Pr., 1990. 2 vol.
Asia Ref ff G2391 .G3 N38 1990


Audio-Visual Materials
Sights and Sounds, A Guide to Audio-Visual Resources on the Philippines at the University of Hawaii. Honolulu: Center for Philippine Studies, University of Hawaii. 1998. 42 p.
Asia Ref DS667 .28 .A67 1998



Southeast Asian Research Tools. Volume 5 - The Philippines, by Edita A. Baradi. Honolulu: Southeast Asian Studies, Asian Studies Program, University of Hawaii; 1979.
Asia Ref Z3221 .S69 v. 5

Bibliography of Philippine Bibliographies, 1593-1961; by Gabriel Adriano Bernardo.
Quezon City: Ateneo University Press, 1968. 192 p.
Asia Ref Z3291 .A1B47

Bibliography of Philippine Bibliographies, 1962-1985; comp. by Lily O. Orbase and Yolanda E. Jacinto. Manila: National Library, Bibliography Division; 1987. 128 p
Asia Ref DS654 .O725 1987

Philippines, by Jim Richardson. Oxford, England: Clio Pr., 1989. 372 p.
Asia Ref DS655 .R53 1989

Union Catalog on Philippine Culture. Broadcast Media. Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines Library, 1992. 161 leaves.
Asia Ref PN1990.6 .P6 U55 1992

Union Catalog on Philippine Culture. Dance. Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines Library, 1989. 117 leaves.
Asia Ref GV1703.P4 U65 1989

Union Catalog on Philippine Culture. Film. Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines Library, 1990. 497 p.
Asia Ref NX581 .U544 1990

Union Catalog on Philippine Culture. Music. Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines Library, 1989. 3 v.
Asia Ref ML120.P55 U65 1989

Union Catalog on Philippine Culture. Theater. Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines Library, 1990. 2 v.
Asia Ref NX581 .U545 1990

Union Catalog on Philippine Culture. Visual Arts and Architecture. Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines Library, 1991. 445 leaves.
Asia Ref N7327 .U45 1991



Dictionary of Philippine Biography, by E. Arsenio Manuel. Quezon City: Filipiniana Publications; 1955 - .
Asia Ref DS653.7 .M3 v. 1 -



Diksyunaryong ng Wikang Filipino. San Miguel, Manila: Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino, 1998. 1040 p.
Asia Ref PL6057. D55 1998

Diksyunaryong Filipino-English. Pasig, Metro Manila: Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino, 1993. 702 p.
Asia Ref PL6056 .D55 1993

New Vicassan's English-Pilipino Dictionary, by Vito C. Santos and Luningning E. Santos. Pasig: Anvil Pub., 1995. 1603 p.
Asia Ref PL6056 .S34 1995

Ilocano Dictionary and Grammar, by Carl Ralph Galvez Rubino. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2000. 775 p.
Asia Ref PL5753 .R83 2000

Ilokano-English Dictionary, by George P. Gelad. Manila: CICM Missionaries, Inc.; 1993. 719 p.
Asia Ref PL5753 .G44 1993



Encyclopedia of the Philippines, by Zoilo Galang. Manila: E. Floro, 1950-1958. 20 v.
Asia Ref DS655 .G323 1950

Filipino Heritage: The Making of a Nation, ed. by Alfredo R. Roces. Manila: Lahing Pilipino Publications, 1977. 10 v.
Asia Ref DS655 .F55

Kasaysayan: The Story of the Filipino People. Teresa M. Custodio, project director; Jose Y. Dalisay, Jr. executive director. Manila: Asia Pub. Co.; Pleasantville, NY: Reader's Guide, 1998. 10 v.
Asia Ref DS668 .K37 1998

CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art. Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines, 1994.
10 v.
Asia Ref NX581 .A1 C37 1994

Encyclopedia of Philippine Folk Beliefs and Customs, comp. and Francisco R. Demetrio. Cagayan de Oro: Xavier University, 1991. 2 v.
Asia Ref GR325 .E53 1991

Encyclopedia of the Spanish-American and Philippine-American Wars: A Political, Social, and Military History, Spencer C. Tucker, volume editor  Asia E715.E53 2009

Enclyclopedia of the Spanish-American & Philippine-American Wars by Jerry Keenan.  Asia E715.K27 2001.

Philippine Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. Quezon City: Philippine Social Science Council, 1993- .
Asia Ref H62.5 .P5 P474 1993


Historical Sources

The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898: Explorations by Early Navigators, Descriptions of the Islands and Their Peoples, Their History and Records of the Catholic Missions, as Related in Contemporaneous Books and Manuscripts, Showing the Political, Economic, Commercial and Religious Conditions of Those Islands from Their Earliest Relations with European Nations to the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century, edited and annotated by Emma Helen Blair and James Alexander Robertson. 55 vol. Reissue of . . . originally published in Cleveland, 1903-1909. Index v. 54-55.
Asia DS653 .B63 1973

Documentary Sources of Philippine History; compiled, edited and annotated by Gregorio F. Zaide. Metro Manila: National Book Store, 1990. 12 v.
Asia DS668 .D6 1990

The Philippines under Spain: A Compilation and Translation of Original Documents; ed. by Virginia Benitez Licuanan and Jose Llavador Mira. Manila: National Trust For Historical and Cultural Preservation of the Philippines, 1990 - .
Asia DS674 .P54 1990 v. 1 -

The Philippine Insurrection against the United States, comp. by John R.M. Taylor. Pasay City: Eugenio Lopez Foundation, 1971. 5 v.
Asia DS676 .T38

Philippine Radical Papers in the University of the Philippines Diliman Main Library. Diliman, Quezon City: University Library, University of the Philippines; 1998. 25 reels.
Asia Microfilm S11384
Index to the microfilm set.
Asia Ref DS653 .P48 1998



Index to Philippine Periodicals. Quezon City: University of the Philippines Library.
1955 - .
Asia Ref AI3 .I63

Index to Philippine Periodical Literature, 1946-1967. Quezon City: Library, University of the Philippines, 1972. 5 v.
Asia Ref Z955 .Q4 no.10

Tagalog Periodical Literature, compiled by Teodoro A. Agoncillo. Manila: Institute of National Language, 1953. 264 p.
Asia Ref PL6058.45 .A36 1953

Index to Filipino Poetry in English, 1905-1950, compiled by Edna Zapanta-Manlapaz, Gemino H. Abad. Manila: National Book Store, 1988. 748 p.
Asia Ref PR9550.2 .Z36 1988

Index to Philippine Book Reviews, 1972-1982, compiled by Verna C. Lee.
Sydney: Bibliographic Information on Southeast Asia, University of Sydney, 1986. 94 p.
Asia Ref DS655.Z99 L44 1986

Index to Philippine Plays, 1923-1983; by Maria Nena R. Mata. Metro Manila: National Book Store, 1984. 67 p.
Asia Ref PR9550.3 .M275 1984

Philippine Essay and General Literature Index, compiled by Maria Nena R. Mata. Metro Manila: National Book Store, 1984. 323 p.
Asia Ref AI19.P4 M383 1984

Literary Index, 1932-1945. Quezon City : Library, University of the Philippines, 1971. 114 p.
Asia Ref Z955 .Q4 no.9

Index to Plays, 1946-1967. Diliman: Library, University of the Philippines, 1970.
23 p.
Asia Ref Z955 .Q4 no. 8

Index to Periodical Articles on Filipino Women. Manila: National Centennial Commission, Women Sector: Task Force for the Librarians' Group, 1998. 529 p.
Asia Ref Z 7964 .P6 I63 1998

Philippine Treaties Index, 1946-1982. Manila: Foreign Service Institute, 1983. 166 p.
Asia Ref JX907.5 .P45 1983

A Preliminary Index to the United States Congressional and Governmental Documents Set and to the Congressional Record re the Philippine Islands, compiled by E.M. Holt. Townsville, Qld: Centre for South East Asian Studies, James Cook University, 1985.
305 p.
Asia Ref DS653 .H64 1985


Philippine Newspapers: An International Union List; Shiro Saito and Alice W. Mak. Honolulu: Philippine Studies Program, Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, University of Hawaii. 1984. 273 p.
Asia Ref Z6958 .P5 S32 1984


**Check out the Periodicals page for more information. 



Inventory of Statistics Available in Government. Manila: National Statistical Coordination Board, 1993. 151p.
Asia Ref HA37 .P55 1993

Philippine Statistical Yearbook. Manila: National Economic and Development Authority. 1977 - .
Asia Ref HA1821 .N37a

Philippine Yearbook. Manila: National Census and Statistics Office. 1971 - .
Asia Ref HA1821 .A45

NSO Monthly Bulletin of Statistics. Manila: National Statistics Office.
Asia HA1821 .A43

Theses and Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations (Part 2 of Philippine National Bibliography). Manila: National Library of the Philippines, 1985 - . Irreg.
Asia Ref Z3291 .P484

Theses and Dissertations on the Philippines at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Honolulu: Center for Philippine Studies, University of Hawaii, 1998. 22 p.
Asia Ref DS655 .T44 1998


Selected Internet Resources


CIA Factbook

Portal to Asian Internet Resources (PAIR)



IPAG - Integrated Performing Arts Guild, MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology




BUSINESS  Makati Business Club



Socio Economic Research Portal for the Philippines.  Philippine Institute for Development Studies



Department of Education (from



Agimat: Sining at Kulturang Pinoy





Philippine History.



Philippine Photographs Digital Archive. Special Collections Library, University of Michigan

SEAiT: Southeast Asian Images and Text. University of Wisconsin - Madison

The Motion Picture Camera Goes to War: The Philippine Revolution. Library of Congress

Retrato: Photo Archive of the Filipinas Heritage Library



Computerized Index for Philippine Periodical Articles. Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University

Bibliography of Asian Studies

Ingenta (Uncover)

Asian Business & Reference



SEAsite: Interactive Language and Filipino Culture Resources. A project of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Northern Illinois University

Learn Tagalog. From

Ilocano Learner. A blog on learning Ilocano.

Learn Ilocano/Ilokano Language: Free Lessons. Another blog with lessons for beginners.

Learn Bisaya Now. A blog on learning Bisaya from a Cebuano native speaker.

Learn Cebuano. From




Chan Robles Virtual Law Library

Supreme Court of the Philippines




Australian National University-- Asia Pacific



Royal Netherlands Institute Library-- KITLV


North America

Center for Research Libraries-- Southeast Asia Microform Project (SEAM)

Cornell University-- John M. Echols Southeast Asia Collection

Library of Congress-- Asian Reading Room

Northern Illinois Unviersity-- Southeast Asia Studies Library Resources

University of California at Berkeley-- South/Southeast Asia Library

University of California at Los Angeles-- Southeast Asian Studies Resources

University of Michigan-- Southeast Asia Division

University of Oregon-- Research in Southeast Asian Studies

University of Washington-- Southeast Asia Section

University of Wisconsin-Madison-- Southeast Asia Guide

Yale University-- Southeast Asia Collection



LibraryLink: A Union Catalogue of Filipiniana Libraries,  hosted by the Filipinas Heritage Library

National Library of the Philippines
University of the Philippines, Diliman; Main Library


United Kingdom

British Library-- Asia Collections, Philippine Studies



A Critical Survey of Philppine Literature, Department of English and Literature, Silliman University, Your Portal to Philippine Literature

Kirtika Kultura: A Refereed Journal of Literary/Cultural and Language Studies, English Department, Ateneo de Manila University

Likhaan Online, Creative Writign Center, University of the Philippines



Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin- Philippines Maps




BusinessWorld Online

Malaya Business Insight

Manila Bulletin

Manila Times

Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Philippine Journalism Review, by the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility

Philippine Star

Sunstar Daily

Regional News

Ilocos Sentinel

The Ilocos Times

Tawid News Magasin

Mindanao Times

MindaNews, The Mindanao News and Information Cooperative Center (MNICC)

Visayan Daily Star



Philippine Social Science Council

Philippine Studies Group, Association for Asian Studies



Ibon Foundation, Inc.

Philippine National Statistical Coordination Board

Philippine National Statistics Office