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Philippines: Architecture




Browsing Call Numbers:  Useful call numbers to browse the stacks: 


  1. Folk Architecture, Ethnic Houses and Ancestral Houses: 

      NA7442 Hamilton Asia 3rd Floor

  2.  Historic Churches:  NA6028 Hamilton Asia 3rd Floor

  3.  Contemporary Homes:  NK2081 Hamilton Asia Folio 2nd Floor



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To Search for Materials on architecture on the Philippines

1.  Use Advanced Search.  

2.  Enter keywords for the concept.

  • Use AND to combine concepts and to get fewer results
  • Use OR to search synonyms and to get more results

      In the example, this search will find items with both "architecture" and "Philippines" anywhere in the record. 

3. Click Search.

4.  The next screen is a list of titles. 

     Click on the title for more information on an item. 

5.  This screen provides further information on an item.  In this example, the item is in Hamilton Asia 3rd floor.

  • Check Location to confirm Hamilton Library has a copy of the item
  • Voyager searches all UH libraries; scroll down until Hamilton Library's information appears

6.  Use the call number to find the item on the shelf.  Check Status to confirm the item is not checked out. 

Use the following terms to begin your search on architecture:


   1.  architecture AND Philippines

   2.  vernacular architecture AND Philippines

   3.  historical buildings AND Philippines

   4.  dwellings AND Philippines

   5.  ethnic architecture AND Philippines