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Philippines: Ramon Sison Collection


Ramon Sison was a Filipino-American doctor who lived in California.  Throughout his life he was also an author, painter, actor, musical composer, and soldier.   Ramon wrote books about the history of Cabugao, the town in Ilocos Sur, Philippines from which his family orginated.   He also wrote about other topics such as Filipinos in showbusiness and ukuleles.  His brother, Jose Maria Sison, is the founder of the the Communist Party of the Philippines.  

The Ramon Sison Collection consists of materials that were donated by his family to the Asia Collection at Hamilton Library after Dr. Sison's death.  These include books, manuscripts, sheet music, and correspondence that was written by Ramon Sison.  There are are also numerous articles and other materials that are either written about or by Jose Sison.  The most common topic is Jose's 2007 arrest in the Netherlands.  Also included are historical documents in English, Spanish, and Tagalog relating to his father Salustiano Sison and other relatives.  Additionaly, there are smaller numbers of articles about other topics, such as the history and culture of the Philippines. 


The Ramon Sison Collection falls into five major categories:

1.) Historical Documents (Box A)

2.) Books (Box A)

3.) Manuscripts (Box B)

4.) Articles (and other material such as sheet music, photos and letters). (Box C)

     They are sorted alphabetically by topic.

5.) Ephemera (this includes painting made by Ramon Sison, a poster of the 1904 World's Fair, and a plaque). 

The major topics included in the articles category are:

1.)    Communist Movement in the Philippines

2.)    Historical Heroes in the Philippines

3.)    Indigenous Philippine Culture

4.)    Jose Sison – 2007 Arrest and Subsequent Release in the Netherlands

5.)    Jose Sison (as author)

6.)    Jose Sison – Biographical Articles

7.)    Jose Sison – Misc. (not related to his 2007 arrest in the Netherlands)

8.)    Political Cartoons and Editorials

9.)    Ramon Sison - Misc.

10.) Ramon Sison – Music he Composed

11.) Ramon Sison – Pamphlets and Certificates

12.) Ramon Sison - Photos

Some examples of each category are included below. There are five examples from each folder, except for cases where there are less than five total items in the folder.

Historical Documents

Brillantes, Sixto. [Form for an affidavit relating to a Filipino worker from Ilocos Sur working for the Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association]. 1935. 1 Page.

Centeno, Emilio A., M. G. Ilao, Jose S. Bautista, and Alejandrino A. Abviar. "A Case of Police Brutality." 1940-1941. 13 Pages.

Serrano, Leandro, Jose Villegas, Agustin Balbin, Ap. Querubin, Felix Casimiro, Cirilo Serrano, Greg Arcebal, Robert Sison, and Bernard Soller. "Declaration of Real Property." 1906-1921. 13 Pages.

Sison, Ramon. "Farms, Tenants and Crops Cabugao, Ilocos Sur: Heirs of Salustiano Sison y Serrano Annual Reports." [1994]. 147 Pages.

Sison, Salustiano S. "Census of Property Belongings of Mr. Salustiano S. Sison Burned in March 1945." 1945. 5 Pages.


Sison, Ramon. "Cabugao: History." Vol 2. 2005. 285 Pages. 1 CD.

Sison, Ramon C. "Cabugao: History." Vol 3. 2007. 236 Pages. 1 CD.

Sison, Ramon Canlas. [Paintings by Ramon Sison]. 47 Pages.

Sison, Ramon C. "St. Louis World Fair: The Philippine Exhibit (and the Cabugao Exhibit): Celebrating the Louisiana Purchase Centennial 30 April-01 December 1904. 185 Pages. 1 CD.

Sison, Ramon C. "Ukulele Jumping Fleas: Ooh-Kooh-Leh-Leh." 2005. 79 Pages.


Sison, Ramon. "Cabugao: History." Vol 2. 2005. 285 Pages.

Sison, Ramon C. "Cabugao: History." Vol 3. 2007. 236 Pages.

Sison, Ramon C. "Pinoys in Showbiz - USA: Hollywood Movies, Television & Broadway Actors, Comedians, Singers, Dancers, Choreographers, Martial Arts - Stunt Artists, Writers, Directors, & Producers." 2005. 54 Pages.

Communist Movement in the Philippines

Central Committee Communist Party of the Philippines. "Why the New People's Army is Invincible and Victorious and How the People's War can Rise to a New and Higher Level." March 29, 2007. 26 Pages.

Jalandoni, Luis G. "Impediments to the GRP-NDFP Peace Negotiations Should be Done Away With." October 17, 2007. 3 Pages.

Malay, Ricardo S. "Watershed Event: Daring Raid on PMA Armory Recalled."  December 29, 2003. 3 Pages.

Negotiating Panel of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines. "Joint Statement of Sen. M.A. Madrigal and the NDFP Negotiating Panel on GRP-NDFP Peace Negotiations." October 12, 2007. 4 Pages.

Palatino, Mong. "Southeast Asia's Longest Insurgency." September 12, 2007. 2 Pages.

Historical Heroes in the Philippines "Philippine Heroes or Filipino Heroes." 2 Pages.

Yoder, Robert L. "Philippine Heroines of the Revolution: Maria Clara they were not." 8 Pages.

Indigenous Philippine Culture

Fay, L. Dumagat. "Religion Itneg Revisited." 17 Pages.

Tibaldo, Art. Photo of a dance and music festival in Baguio City, Philippines. February 2006. 1 page.

Jose Sison – 2007 Arrest and Subsequent Release in the Netherlands

AJLPP-USA. "Free Jose Maria Sison!" August 29, 2007. 1 Page.

Araullo, Carol P. "Pouring Fuel into the Fire." August 31, 2007. 3 Pages.

International DEFEND Committee. "Chronology of the Persecution of Prof. Jose Maria Sison by the Philippine, US and Dutch Governments." August 18, 2007. 6 Pages.

Ordonez, Elmer A. "The Trials of Jose Maria Sison." The Manila Times. September 08, 2007. 2 Pages.

Remollino, Alexander Martin. "Sison: Actions vs NDFP Panelists Could Destroy Peace Talks." Bulatlat. Vol. 7, No. 35. October 7-13, 2007. 2 Pages.

Jose Sison (as author)

Sison, Jose Maria. "Message to My Beloved Classmates at the Ateneo de Manila High School." December 03, 2006. 5 Pages.  Article.

Sison, Jose Maria. "Removal of Arroyo from Power can be a Significant Step Towards a Just Peace." October 20, 2007. 1 Page. Press statement.

Sison, Jose Maria. "Romulo Kintanar had too Many Rivals and Enemies in the Criminal World of Military and Police Operatives." January 24, 2003. 2 Pages. Article.

Sison, Jose Maria, Dannny Fabella, and Chino Toledo. "The Guerilla is Like a Poet." 64 Pages. Sheet music.

Sison, Jose Ma. "To Jasmy, My Captive Child." February 08, 1982. 1 Page. Poem.

Jose Sison – Biographical Articles

Crisologo, D.R. "Florentinay Sison: Mother to a Young Revolutionary." July 18, 1970. 2 Pages.

Dangadang. "Sino ni Jose Maria Sison?" [Ilokano language]. Translates to "Who is Jose Maria Sison?"  2006. 24 Pages. 

Philippine News. "The Youngest Detainee." June 16-22, 1982. 2 Pages.

Williams, Michael C. "About Prof. Jose Ma. Sison: Biography." October 18, 2001. 5 Pages.

Jose Sison – Misc. (not related to his 2007 arrest in the Netherlands) "University Theater, UP Campus." May 25, 2004. 3 Pages. "S.E.A. Write." 2007. 6 Pages. "Ara Mina: I don't know Joma Sison." March 03, 2007. 1 Page.

Mangawang, Quezon D. "Sison, Top Red Leader, is Captured." November 20, 1977. 1 Page.

Teodoro, Luis V. Jr. "A Note on the Author." 1 Page.

Political Cartoons and Editorials

Leido-Babbitt, A. "Behind 'Saluyot' Curtain." Philippine News. February 28-March 06, 1974.

Nalundasan, Agosto. "Filipino First...Ferdinand + Foreign Friends Follow." Philippine News. 1974. 1 Page.

Nalundasan, Agosto. "Oligarchy Out...Monarchy in!!!" Philippine News. March 28-April 03, 1974. 1 Page.

Nalundasan, Agosto. "Peaceful 'Gulag' Archipelago." Philippine News. March 21-27, 1974. 1 Page.

Nalundasan, Agosto. "The Filipino Godfather will Return Your Visit to Collect Taxes in the U.S. Philippine News. March 14-20, 1974. 1 Page.

Ramon Sison - Misc. "JazzPhil-USA: Filipino-American Jazz Festival." 2007. 2 Pages.

Quirino, Richie. "Photos with Jazz Greats." June 02, 2007. 2 Pages.

Sison, Ramon. "Ramon Sison: SAG/AFTRA." 1 Page.

Sison, Ramon. "Yes, I Play the Piano by Ear." 1 Page.

Watchers. "Creativity is no Problem for Multi-Talented Dr. Sison." Volume 1, No. 5. October 1992. 3 Pages.

Ramon Sison – Music he Composed

Albright, James and Ramon Sison. "Fantasy." 1980. 3 Pages.

Balin, Richard and Ramon Sison. "Montessori Song." 1981. 3 Pages.

Magwili, Dom and Ramon Sison. "I Love You." 1980. 3 Pages.

Magwili, Dom and Ramon Sison. "No One Makes Me Cry: Jazz Waltz." 1980. 6 Pages.

Magwili, Dom and Ramon Sison. "Roses for a Rainy Day." 1980. 3 Pages.

Ramon Sison – Pamphlets and Certificates

5 official certificates commemorating Ramon Sison's ascendency in the field of medicine. 

"Parangal Arte At Kultura: In Commemoration of the 102nd Anniversary of Dr. Jose P. Rizal's Martyrdom." December 30, 1998. 4 Pages.

Sison, Ramon. "Sison's Greetings." December 1947. 1 Card.

Ramon Sison - Photos

Photos from film "My Favorite Year."  Ramon Sison, Peter O'Toole, Lou Jacobi, and Linn Baker are present in the photos.

"Ferdy & Imelda." Photo of Ramon and Rosario Sison posing as Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos.

"Ramon Sison: Dictator." Photo of Ramon Sison posing as Ferdinand Marcos.

Six other photos of Ramon Sison.


Sison, Ramon. "Town Fiesta Tragedy." [1972]. 1 Painting.

Trahen, L. "World's Fair, St. Louis 1904." 1903. 1 Poster.

United States of America for the Exhibit of the Philippine Islands Universal Exhibition, Saint Louis, which confers the Bronze Medal upon the Municipal Committee of Cabugao, Ilocos Sur for a general collective exhibit. 1904. 1 Plaque

27 medals awarded to Ramon Sison during his military service. 


The Ramon Sison Collection is housed in the Asia department on the fourth floor of Hamilton Library. For further questions or assistance contact the Philippine Studies librarian, Elena Clariza, at