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Philippines: The Ilokanos

Welcome to The Ilokanos Page

 This page contains materials on Ilokano history, the people, literature, and culture and the Ilocos region.  These sources are available at the University of Hawai'i.  Use the drop down menu affixed on The Ilokano page tab to get to the different subjects.  Please note, that this guide lists the basic resources and does not contain all of the materials for research.  For additional resources, return to the Philippines LibGuide Homepage for further suggestions.  

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Ilocano OR Iluko


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Ilocos Norte (Philippines)

Ilocos Sur (Philippines)

Ilokanos (Philippine people)

Iloko language


Printed Material in the Social Sciences on the Ilokano

Beddeng: Exploring the Ilocano-Igorot Confluence by Arnold Molina Azurin



Chinese in Ilocos, 1950s-1960s by Hubert Reynolds, Harriet R. Reynolds; edited by Teresita Ang See

A Contextual Analysis of Individual Migration, Ilocos Norte, the Philippines: Linkages Between Micro- and Macro-level Data by Sun-Hee Lee

Continuity and Change in the Chinese Family in the Ilocos Provinces, Philippines by Harriet Reynolds

Emigrants, Entrepreneurs, and Evil Spirits : Life in a Philippine Village by Stephen Griffiths

  Explorations in Social Theory and Philippine Ethnography by Raul Pertierra

A Family Migration Model: Development and Empirical Application in the Philippines by Brenda Davis Root


Ilocano Rice Farmers: A Comparative Study of Two Philippine Barrios by Henry T. Lewis


 The Ilocanos : an Ethnography of Family and Community Life in the Ilocos Region by F. Landa Jocano; with the special assistance of Arnora Edrozo

Kinsmen and Voluntary Associations in Two Ilocano Communities by Fernando N. Zialcita

Levels of Living in the Ilocos Region by Horacio C. Lava

Ilokano Literature



  Bayambang: Tula Daniw Poems by Herminio S. Beltran, Jr. (note: poems in Tagalog, Ilocano and English)

Ilocos and Other Reflections by Rudy Evans Calixto

GUMIL Hawaii Iti Dua a Dekada, 1971-1991 (GUMIL Hawaii in Two Decades, 1971-1991) edited by Pacita C. Saludes, et al.

GUMIL Hawaii Iti Sangapulo a Tawen (GUMILHawaii in a Decade) edited by Mario A. Albalos, Pacita C. Saludes and Amado I. Yoro.

Guyod Dagiti Ramut edited by Pacita C. Saludes et al.

Biag ni Lam-ang, The Ilocano Epic: A Critical Study of the "Life of Lam-ang", Ancient Ilocano Popular Poem with a Translation of the Poem into English Prose by Leopoldo Y. Yabes

Ilocano Harvest: a Collection of Short Stories in English by Contemporary Ilocano Writers edited by Pelagio A. Alcantara and Manuel S. Diaz 

The Ilokano Language




   Ilocano Dictionary and Grammar by Carl R. Rubino

English-Tagalog Ilocano Vocabulary by M. Jacobo Enriquez and J. Ben Quimba

New English-Pilipino-Ilocano Dictionary compiled by Julio F. Silverio; edited by Ismael C. Benter

English-Tagalog Ilocano Vocabulary: Containing 8,000 Words Most Commonly Used by Students of the Elementary and Secondary Schools by P. Jacobo Enriquez and J. Ben Quimba

A Topical Vocabulary in English, Pilipino, Ilocano, and Southern Kalinga



English-Filipino synonyms including Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Hiligaynon, Bicol, Waray, Pampango, Pangasinese, Maranao, Maguindanao, other native Languages/Dialects compiled and edited by Demetrio A. Quirino, Jr., et. al.

A Relational Grammar of Ilocano by John Stedman Wimbish