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Philippines: New Books

New Titles (Partial List - Books ordered from Nov. 30, 2015 to July 3, 2016). Please check the UHM Voyager database for their location and availability.

Hawaii Voyager Online Catalog


1.Adventures of a child of war. ISBN:9789712733079

2. Bangsamoro dilemma: Memories of anguish and sufferings. ISBN:9789719536420

3. Bantang Rizal at iba pang dula / ISBN:9789715507516

4. Basagan ng Trip: Complaints about Filipino culture and politics.


5. Best of the best: Philippines.

6. Bisayan / ISBN:9789719528432

7. Bonifacio : ang unang pangulo.

8. Boxer codex : transcription and translation of an illustrated late sixteenth-century Spanish manuscript concerning the geography, ethnography and history of the Pacific, South-East Asia and East Asia

9. Changing Philippine climate : impacts on agriculture and natural resources

10. Contested democracy and the left in the Philippines after Marcos / ISBN:9789715505611

11. Costly wars, elusive peace : collected articles on the peace processes in the Philippines, 1990-2007

12. Creativity of Jaime Zobel

13. Davao in the pre-conquest era and the age of colonization / ISBN:9786219538411

14. Doña Gliceria Marella : angel of the revolution / ISBN:9789719476733

15. Escape from Davao : the forgotten story of the most daring prison break of the Pacific War / ISBN:9780743262781

16. External interventions in civil wars : the role and impact of regional and international organisations / ISBN:0415711444

17. Filipino family

18. Filipino is worth blogging for / ISBN:9789719518136

19. From composition to painting : Tabuena presents his drawings done over the years of his artistic life / ISBN:

20. Galicano Apacible : profile of a Filipino patriot / ISBN:9715381456

21. Heneral Luna

22. Hotspot cool country: Biodiversity in the Philippines.


23. Images of nation: Ang kiukok: The golden years (1954-2004)


24. Insurgents, clans, and states : political legitimacy and resurgent conflict in Muslim Mindanao, Philippines / ISBN:9789715506724

25. Interrogating migration: New questions and emerging trends in the Philippines.

/ ISBN:9789718514344

26. Isabelo's archive / ISBN:9789712728037

27. Jewelry art of Celia Molano : a glimpse of Asian and Philippine jewelry traditions

28. Language and identity of Filipino Muslims / ISBN:9786219538435

29. Liberation of the Philippines, Luzon, Mindanao, the Visayas : 1944-1945 / ISBN:0785813144

30. Making microfinance work for agriculture: A monograph of the John J. Carrol Institute On Church and Social Issues.

31. Marcos martial law : never again / ISBN:9786219544313

32. Maybato, iloilo, Taft Avenue, baguio, puerto : mga tula / ISBN:97192814421

33. Opening doors : a presentation of laws protecting Filipino child workers / ISBN:9221133141

34. Philippine Sharia's courts procedure / ISBN:9712330079

35. Philippine society and revolution / ISBN:9715246049

36. Philippines / ISBN:9780531207901

37. Philippines : an archipelago of exchange /

38. Philippines 100 years : 1898-1998. ISBN:

39. Plantas medicinales de Filipinas = Medicinal plants of the Philippines / ISBN:

40. Poetry is : José García Villa's philosophy of poetry / ISBN:9789715507172

41. Port state control in the Asia-Pacific : an international legal study of port state jurisdiction / ISBN:971033404

42. Provenance : Ramon Tapales : collections and recollections / ISBN:

43. Raul Isidro : abstract landscapes : December 2 to January 11, 2014. ISBN:

44. RE : recollections, reviews, reflections / ISBN

45. Real H.R. Ocampo from the Paulino Que collection / ISBN:

46. Rediscovering Romeo Tabuena : the later work. ISBN:

47. Revolutionary routes : five stories of incarceration, exile, murder, and betrayal in Tayabas 48. Province, 1891 to 1980 / ISBN:9789719942658

49. Rizal pictorial calendar / ISBN:9715381197

50. Ronald Ventura Big and Small

51. Sibod: Ideology and expressivity in Binanog dance, music, and folkways of the Panay Bukidnon.


52. Silence / ISBN:

53. Sounding the dance, moving the music : choreomusicology in maritime Southeast Asia / ISBN:1472469232

54. Sym : the power of struggle / ISBN:

55. Tabacalera : a bridge between the Philippines and Spain : beyond tobacco : April 21-July 6, 2014, Ayala Museum = Tabacalera : un puente entre Filipina.

56. Tapping ink, tattooing identities : tradition and modernity in contemporary Kalinga society, North Luzon, Philippines / ISBN:9715427057

57. Terrain : the works of Nelfa Querubin

58. Thirty years later ... : catching up with the Marcos-era crimes / ISBN:9780578175607

59. Time for war: 105 days in Bataan ISBN:9711003708

60. Triumph of Philippine art : September 21-December 15, 2013

61. Wigan becomes a sculptor : an Ifugaw myth from the highlands of northern Philippines / ISBN:

62. Women against Marcos : stories of Filipino and Filipino American women who fought a dictator; based on interviews with Mila Aguilar, Geline Avila, Aur ISBN:9780996469425


New Titles (Partial List)

New and Recommended Books at Hamilton Library, Spring 2014

Note: Call numbers are in brackets.

[ASIA PR9550.9.B834 C6 2011]

A Filipino young woman, born and raised in Switzerland, takes a sensitive peek into the world of living and growing up in a foreign land. She weaves her observations into the story to address questions to which there are no clear-cut answers. Questions of cultural displacement, identity, societal values and norms. Questions of blessing and sacrifice, fidelity, and generational differences in worldview. Transcending all the events in the lives of the characters is the one universal truth: that the color of sky each of us sees is constant and yet changing, no matter where we are.

Cano, Louie. (2008). Baklese Dos: Pinoy Pop Queer Dictionary. Quezon City, Philippines: Milflores Publishing, Inc.
[ASIA HQ75.13.C36 2008]

Pocket size book. Humorous gay slang using a combination of English and Tagalog -- Taglish translation is mostly to Tagalog Ito ang pinakahihintay na sequel ng Baklese: Pinoy Pop Queer Dictionary Lahat ng mga palabra sa Baklese Dos ay bago at wala sa Baklese uno. Ganu'n kabilis ang pag-unlad ng malikhain,makulay, at entertaining na Pinoy gayspeak.

Colmenares, Jr, Serafin P., Noble, Cecilia D., and Halagao, Patricia E. (2013). Bold Dream, Uncommon Valor: The Florentino Das Story.  Honolulu, U.S.A.: COVO Foundation.
[In Cataloging]

Guided only by the stars to navigate him, Florentino R. Das left Kewalo Basin in his handmade boat in May 1955 on a planned 90-day solo voyage to the Philippines. After encountering six storms and several repair layovers, Das arrived in the Philippines in April 1956 where the president of the Philippines declared him a national hero. 

Colmenares, Jr, and Liongson, Raymund Ll. (2013). Jose Rizal's Legacy and Nation-Building.  Honolulu, U.S.A.: HAGADONE Printing.
[In Cataloging]

Immortalized in his works and writings over a century ago, the thoughts of Dr. Jose P. Rizal, Philippine martyr and hero, continue to resonate today. This book, a compilation of papers presented in the 4th KOR USA Regional Assembly and Conference hosted by the Knights of Rizal-Hawai'i, examines Rizal's Legacy and its implications to nation-building.
Sta. Ana, III, Filomeno S. (2010). Philippine Institutions: Growth and Prosperity for All.  Quezon City, Philippines: Anvil Publishing, Inc.
[In Cataloging]

This volume tackles not only the definition of institutions or the rules of the game, not only the state of the Philippine economy and politics, but more importantly what key reforms can be done and how policies can shape institutions.
Ventura, Rey. (2007). Into the Country of Standing Men.  Quezon City, Philippines: Ateneo de Manila University Press.
[In Cataloging]

Into the Country of Standing Men is Rey Ventura's second book. It delves closer into the lives of the men he wrote about in Underground in Japan
(Jonathan Cape, 1992; Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2006). In 2001, he returned to Japan and continues to chronicle the lives of Filipino migrants there. He plans to add a third book to complete this saga of Filipino migration abroad.
Billings, Loren, and Goudswaard, Nelleke. (2010). Piakandatu ami: Dr. Howard P. McKaughan.  Manila, Philippines: Linguistic Society of the Philippines.
[In Cataloging]

A festschrift to Howard P. McKaughan with papers on Malay, Philippines, and New Guinea linguistics.
Juico, Margarita P. (2012). YRM: Yellow Ribbon Movement.  Mandaluyong City, Philippines: Anvil Publishing, Inc.
[In Cataloging]

The vision of the Yellow Ribbon Movement is to advocate good governance, which means the prudent use of power freely given by the people for the common good. Among the critical features of good governance are respect for human rights, the dignity of the human being, sustainable development, integrity, accountability, transparency, and humble and modest lifestyles. They believe that Aquino and Roxas are models of good governance and that we should do battle against those who are the exact antitheses-the opposite-of good governance.
Kasuya, Yuko, and Quimpo, Nathan Gilbert. (2010). The Politics of Change in the Philippines.  Pasig City, Philippines: Anvil Publishing, Inc.
[In Cataloging]

Among the distinctive concepts and topics discussed in this book are: patronage-based state formation; cycles of populism, clientelism and reformism; predatory regime; reform constituency; command and market votes; middle class civil society; activist technocrats; and social order making.
Sta. Maria, Felice Prudente. (2012). The Foods of Jose Rizal.  Mandaluyong City, Philippines: Anvil Publishing, Inc.
[In Cataloging]

This book, THE FOODS OF JOSE RIZAL, shares stories collected from Rizal's autobiography, works penned by him, biographies written about him by admirers, interviews of people who knew him, and accounts written about the Philippines, Europe, and Hong Kong during his lifetime. As it gives glimpses into the man's everyday life, this little tome reveals sacrifices made to keep patriotic advocacies his priority. Rizal's nobleness and supreme sacrifice for his love of Filipinas becomes all the more worthy of never-ending praise.
Stern, Tom. (2012). Nur Misuari: An Authorized Biography.  Mandaluyong City, Philippines: Anvil Publishing, Inc.
[In Cataloging]

"A compelling biography of Nur Misuari. Dr. Tom Stern offers a masterful accomplishment of historical sweep, narrative and private conversations with the Moro politician and feared MNLF rebel leader, who brandished both sword and rhetoric in his more than 30 years quest for Muslim autonomy." 

                                                                                                -James Borton, international journalist and author of Venture Japan
(2011). archi[types/text]: Architecture in Philippine Life.  Manila, Philippines: Metrobank Foundation, Inc.
[In Cataloging]

archi[types/text] is about forms and figures. Architecture is grasped as a mode or manner, a blueprint of practice. It is also reckoned as a consciousness, a perspective through which space is sensed and lived out. Architecture finally becomes complex in culture and history; it is formative and figurative.




New and Recommended Books at Hamilton Library, Fall 2013


Note: Call numbers are in brackets.

[Asia PL5753.A32 2012]
This 892-page dictionary is the student edition of the contemporary English-Ilokano Ilokano-English dictionary compiled by Dr. Agcaoili of the University of Hawai'i's Ilokano Language and Literature Program.
[Asia PL5753.A33 2012]
A 983-page abridged contemporary Ilokano-English dictionary compiled by Dr. Agcaoili of the University of Hawai'i's Ilokano Language and Literature Program.
[Asia PL5649.76.B33 2011]
An anthology of creative writing in Cebuano and English by members of the Women in Literary Arts, Inc. (WILA).
[Asia KPM74.D385 2007]
A compilation of lectures by judges and law professors on the strengthening of judicial reform policies.  A great resource for Philippine legal education.
[Asia HE8789.P6H43 2010]
A yearlong study on the call center industry that boomed in the Philippines since 2001.  It covers both benefits and issues of the industry, especially the effects on the worker. 
[Asia PN1995.9.F36L56 2011]
"In Translating Time, Bliss Cua Lim argues that fantastic cinema depicts the coexistence of alternative modes of being alongside and within the modern present, disclosing multiple 'immiscible temporalities' that strain against the modern concept of homogeneous time.  Lim conceptualizes the fantastic as a form of temporal tranlation that renders supernatural agency in secular terms while also exposing an untranslatable remainder, thereby undermining the fantasy of a singular national time and emphasizing shifting temporalities of transnational reception... Translating Time theorizes the fantastic as a mode of resistance to the ascendancy of homogeneous time and a starting point for more ethical temporal imaginings."

--Book description




New and Recommended Books at Hamilton Library, Summer 2013


Note: Call numbers are in brackets.

[Asia PL6058.8 .D33 2011]
A collection of 100 short stories in Tagalog and English to commemorate the centennial celebration of De La Salle University-Manila.
[Asia PR9550.9.F735B43 2010]
This collection is an idiosyncratic suite of poems which the author invisioned as a theater of poetry.  These poems are on the Filipino immigrant experience from the viewpoint of seven individuals, among them a manong, a teenaged rapper, nurse and an aging comfort woman.  As a performance, A Theater of Ghosts premiered on December 1, 2007 at Topaz Arts, a nonprofit performing arts organization in New York. 

[Asia PS3607.I4558F76 2012]
"Meet Boyet Hernandez: Filipino lothario.  New York glamour junkie.  Homeland Security patsy whose high-end fashion line has been brought low by a knock on the door in the middle of the night.  Locked away indefinitely in America's most notorious prison, Boy prepares for the tribunal of his life with this intimate confession, a dazzling swirl of soirees, runways, and hipster romance that charts one small man's pursuit of the big American dream--even as the present nightmare of detainment threatens his vital mojo."
--Book description


[Asia ML128.P63W35 2013]
An exhaustive collection of approximately 1,400 published and unpublished musical compositions during the American colonial era in the Philippines.  These songs composed by Americans express their heterogeneous views about historical events and personal experiences in the Philippines.  These views varied from patriotism about the battle of Manila Bay and the Fall of Bataan, to romantic and nostalgic memories living in the islands, to racist and stereotyped pieces about Filipinos.  This book reprints a number of hard-to-find lyrics.


New and Recommended Books at Hamilton Library, April-May 2013

Note: Call numbers are in brackets.

[Asia GR325.C68]
An added copy to Hamilton Library, this book is a collection of folklore from all regions of the Philippines.  Financed by her congregation, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Coronel travelled throughout the archipelago to accomplish her ambitious project, which is now considered a classic.

[Asia PR9550.1.P37 2011]
Hildago features the following writers: Merlie Alunan, Sylvia Mayuga, Marra PL. Lanot, Barbara Gonzalez, Elsa Martinez Coscolluela and Rosario Cruz Lucero.  The author interweaves the events that happened since their post-war births, including martial law under Marcos, the rise of the student movement, the conflict in Mindanao, globalization, international terrorism and advancements in communication technology. 

[Asia PS217.I47M36 2011]
This book examines the American colonization of the Philippines from three literary perspectives.  The book begins with anti-imperialist perspectives from American writers Mark Twain, W.E.B. Du Bois and William James.  The second perspective deals with the inculcation of American values in the education system through the teaching of American literature.  Finally, the book also analyzes the conflicts and tensions represented in the works of Filipino writers Paz Marquez Benitez, Maximo Kalaw and Juan C. Laya.

[Asia DS658.L3813 2001]
Laureano captures everyday life prior to the Philippine Revolution.  He accompanies each stunning black and white ethnographic photograph with a descriptive essay.  Research and publication for this book was made possible through a grant from the Spanish Program for Cultural Cooperation Toward a Common Future, a program between the Ministry of Culture of Spain and Universities in the Philippines and the Pacific Islands.      

[Asia DS688.L9M374 1999]
A collection of photographs from the “Father of Philippine photography” and Sagada native, Eduardo Masferré.  Taken between the 1930s and the 1950s depicting indigenous peoples of the Cordillera, these images were exhibited abroad and are now permanently housed at the Smithsonian Institution. 

[Asia E 901.1.O23P56 2008]
This book is on Filipino Americans’ responses to Barack Obama’s campaign and victory for the U.S. presidency.  It also features the Filipino experience in a changing, multicultural nation.


Titles (2011-2012)

New and Recommended Books at Hamilton Library, September-October 2012


Note: Call numbers are in brackets

[Asia PR9550.2.A23 2008]
A collection of essays on the tradition of Filipino poets writing in English.  The collection includes a historical overview of the transformative phases, mentions prominent poets as well as covers significant aspects of the tradition.

[Asia PR9550.8.U54 2010 v.1]
The first of two volumes by Filipino writers who turned to other forms of the short story such as sci-fi, fantasy and the parable, during the oppressive Marcos dictatorship (1972-1986). 


[Asia NA7443.B64 A37 2011]
This book pays homage to the Spanish style vintage houses in Bohol from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  It covers the history, attactions and present condition of these houses.


[Asia BF632.5.G46 2012]
A collection of chapters by scholars, activists and those affected describing military occupation through a gendered lens.  This book reveals the complexities and diversity of gendered relationships between the occupiers and occupied.  
[Asia DS678.I547 1998 c.3], added copy
A collection of essays from 1978 to 1998 on Philippine history and politics in which the author goes beyond the usual narrative of the revolution.  Winner of the 1998 Philippine National Book Award for History.
[Asia NA1527.L53 2008]
A textbook on the history and cultural influences on architecture in the Philippines. Filled with archived materials and photographs. 

Lukacs, John D. (2011). Escape from Davao: The forgotten story of the most daring prison break of the Pacific War. New York, NY: New American Library.

[Asia D805.P6 L85 2011]

A full account of the April 4, 1943 escape of ten American POWs and two Filipino convicts from one of Japan's most notorious prison camps.  These men were survivors of the Bataan Death March and the fall of Corregidor.  This was the only successful escape from a Japanese POW camp during the Pacific War. 


[Asia DS 674.P5 c.3], added copy
"After conquest of the Philippine archipelago in the late sixteenth century, Spanish colonizers launched a sweeping social program designed to bring about dramatic religious, political, and economic changes. But the limitations of Spanish colonial resources, together with the reactions of Filipinos themselves, combined to shape the outcome of that effort in unique and unexpected ways, argues John Leddy Phelan. With no wealth in the islands to attract conquistadores, conquest was accomplished largely by missionaries scattered among isolated native villages. Native chieftains served as intermediaries, thus enabling the Filipinos to react selectively to Spanish innovations. The result was a form of hispanization in which the resilient and adaptable Filipinos played a creative part."
--Book Description


[Asia DS686.6.P66 A3 2009]
Pomeroy's diary as a political prisoner for 10 years.  He, his Filipina wife Celia Mariano, and hundreds of other Communists and militants were imprisoned during the 1950s for their participation in the Huk guerrilla struggle for national liberation.


[Asia JQ1398.C66 R53 2011]
A detailed examination of the Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP) during the early 20th century.  The book covers the party's participation in the struggle for Philippine independence, labor and peasant politics and the international communisty movement.


[Asia PL5506.T5 c.2], replacement copy
This is a classics in linguistics and languages, a primer on the 192 languages, dialects and sub-dialects in the Philippines.  Map included.  


[Asia PS217.I47 W48 2011]
A thoroughly researched book on education as a tool of empire where American literature was a coherent and legitimate field of study in U.S.-occupied Philippines. The author illustrates how "the consolidation of a canon of American literature was intertwined with the administrative and pedagogical tasks of colonial management."


[Asia NC1763.P66 Y87 2009)
"This book utilizes visual satire as a primary tool for discourse analysis, charting the shifting dimensions of Philippines-Japanan relations as depicted in Philippine editorial cartoons from 1986 to 1998.  The rationale for utilizing editorial cartoons in this study is that visual satires present implicit rather than explicit statements."
--Book Description



New and Recommended Books at Hamilton Library, July-August  2012

Note: Call numbers are in brackets

[Asia PQ8897.R5 Z66 2008]
A quantitative analysis of Jose Rizal’s great works, focusing on the scope and evolution of their social and political vocabulary, the use of Tagalog and the lingua de Parian.  A great supplementary book that covers Rizal’s changing political consciousness, the birth of Filipino identity and the shifting nature of Rizal’s readership.


[Asia DS661.A53 2010]
A large, comprehensive resource book on the arts of the indigenous peoples of the Cordilleras.  The book begins with a thorough yet succinct introduction of the different groups as well as on the history of anthropological work in the region.  Each various types of medium (sculptural art, textiles, basketry, personal adornment and weaponry) is designated its own chapter.  A very detailed and heavily illustrated resource book.

[Asia KF7618.W37 B37 2010]
An examination of American army legal proceedings that resulted when American soldiers in a war zone commit crimes against civilians, aka atrocities. The book reveals how war brings out atrocity and how serious the American army and society have been to bring justice to the innocent.  The book is divided into three parts: “War in the Philippines,” “The American prosecution of Japanese war crimes in the Philippines” and “From Lanang to Danang: The Philippine War writ large in Vietnam.”

[Asia N7327.C36 2007]
A biography of Manuel “Nonoy” Buncio, founder of the Socialist Party in the Philippines, arrested by the Marcos regime, and later, found refuge in the U.S and continued labor union work.  This book, however, is not solely about Buncio, but the collection and repatriation of Philippine artworks that were once bought by his father’s American engineering friends in the 1940s and 1950s.      

A comprehensive, exquisite coffee table book on the small town of Pulilan in Bulacan Province.  Five years in the making, this book includes photos never published, oral histories and translations of archival documents.  This is about the development of a town through history as well as its people.

[Asia HQ1757.L33 2012]
An analysis on the superexploitation of women’s labor power in the Philippines post 9-11 and under the de facto martial law imposed by the Arroyo administration.  The author covers the treatment of women in the Philippines and the overseas migration of women to work in various fields from nurses, house keepers, nannies, prostitution and also includes “mail-order brides.”  The author brings to light the ideological and political praxis of Filipino women’s grassroots organizations, which offers alternative perspectives to feminist theory.

[Asia DS655.A65 2009 v.2]
A collection of short essays by publich school teachers depicting their experiences teaching English to Filipino students.  These narrations affirm the idea that teaching is still a noble profession and is necessary for nation building.

[Asia HQ 1726.W695 2010]
This is a comprehensive collection of country studies on women’s movement across Asia.  Beginning with an overview of the history of feminism, the book covers twelve countries: the Philippines, China and Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Korea, India and Pakistan.  The editors describe the women’s movements in Asia as “simultaneously transnational in outlook and indigenizing in orientation.”


[Asia HQ281.S63 2010]
This book examines all forms of human trafficking globally, revealing the operations of the trafficking business and the nature of the traffickers themselves. Using a historical and comparative perspective, it demonstrates that there is more than one business model of human trafficking and that there are enormous variations in human trafficking in different regions of the world. Drawing on a wide body of academic research - actual prosecuted cases, diverse reports, and field work and interviews conducted by the author over the last sixteen years in Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe, and the former socialist countries - Louise Shelley concludes that human trafficking will grow in the twenty-first century as a result of economic and demographic inequalities in the world, the rise of conflicts, and possibly global climate change. Coordinated efforts of government, civil society, the business community, multilateral organizations, and the media are needed to stem its growth.
--Book Description

[Asia JZ6009.S644 S76 2011]
Since the end of the Cold War, China’s rising power has become a security issue in the Asia-Pacific region.  This is a comprehensive book- a first of its kind- to analyze the relationship between Southeast Asia and China from 1949 to 2010.  The book describes the ties of each of the 11 Southeast Asian countries to China and how foreign and defense policies are shaped.  

[Asia SD418.3.P6 T67 2003]
By way of a detailed case study based on 10 years of research on the dynamics of forest use, degradation, and loss in northeast Luzon, Philippines, this survey offers a compelling look at the long history of national, regional, and local outsiders gaining access to the natural resources and lands of one of the world's last large forest frontiers. Following an interdisciplinary approach that balances systematic survey data with qualitative, almost anecdotal, reporting of conversations between key actors, the text places the degradation and loss of forest cover in this area between 1950 and 1990 in the sociopolitical context of logging, forest migration, and changes in upland agriculture.
--Book Description


New and Recommended Books at Hamilton Library, July-August  2011

Note: Call numbers are in brackets

[Asia HV6433.P6 U83 2008]
A collection of essays on different perspectives on the U.S.’s “war on terror” in Mindanao.  The book covers themes such as the history and dynamics of terror in southern Philippines, the nature and significance of terrorist threat, the armed conflict between the Philippine govenment and Muslim separatists, the joint U.S.-Philippine efforts to eradicate the Abu Sayyaf and to bring peace and security in Mindanao and the controversy over and public perceptions of U.S. military presence in the region.

[Asia DS666.M8 A26 2011]
Explorations on Bangsamoro identity.  In Tagalog. 

[Asia RZ400.A787 2010]
A comprehensive book on traditional healing practices in the Philippines, specifically ablon manual therapy from Northern Luzon.  The author describes the origins, outside influences and importance in communities.  Descendant from a long line of healers, Apostol also weaves into his book, his development and experiences as a healer and ablon practitioner.

[Asia PR9550.8.M36 2008]
An anthology of 22 short stories by nine Muslim Filipinos written over nearly seven decades.  A look into Muslim identity from different backgrounds, especially of those from the college-educated middle class.  This is one of the few anthologies that contains works by Muslim Filipinos.

[Asia PN1993.5.P5 C38 2010]
A primer on over 25 of the most outstanding Filipino filmmakers and their influences on the movie industry during the last 50 years, among them, Gerardo de Leon, Lino Brocka, Marilou Diaz Abaya, Joey Reyes and Cathy Molina Garcia.  A must-read for students interested in film and/or Philippine Studies.

[Asia DS 666.C5 C476 2010]
A study on the Chinese in Manila, their history and how they negotiate their identities between being Chinese, Chinese mestizo, Catholic and Filipino.  An engaging book on the beginnings of ethnic identities in the Philippines.

[HD8714.G82 2010; and in electronic format]
A multilayered ethnographic work on the production of overseas workers from the Philippines and explores how race, gender, class and color affect the process.  Guevarra covers how the government and employment agencies brokerage labor, making the Philippines a major exporter of labor.  Nurses and domestic helpers are central to this research.  A complement to Robyn Rodriguez’s Migrants for Export: How the Philippine State Brokers Labor to the World.

[Asia DS 686.614.P6487 2010]
Going against traditional and common themes of changelessness and the recurrence of old patterns in studies of Philippine politics, this collection of articles explores actual political change in the country after the fall of the Marcos regime in 1986.  A comprehensive book that analyzes politics from different angles and themes such as the nature of political regime, democracy, elections and electoral reforms.

[Asia GT2346.P6 K78 2010]
A rich, comprehensive book on the tattoo traditions of the Kalinga.  Tattoo anthropologist Lars Krutack, covers the history, symbolism, and spirituality of tattoos and its direct relation to Kalinga warrior culture.  It is also a biography of the last living Kalinga mambabatok (tattoo artist) Whang-Od who hopes the tradition will continue to live on.  Over 300 spectacular images.  Bilingual in English and German.

A product of the 2008 First International Conference on Filipino as a Global Language held at the University of Hawaii-Manoa, this anthology covers the increasing global interest in Tagalog and the challenges and issues being faced.  The papers are divided into the following categories: Philippine Literature, Language and Policy Issues and Teaching and Research.  In English and Tagalog.

[HD 6305.F55 R 63 2010]
Sociologist Robyn Rodriguez examines the Philippine government’s role in the phenomenon of Filipinos as overseas workers, describing the Philippines as a “labor brokerage state.”  An engaging read on the effects of globalized labor on the state and its citizen.  A complement to Guevarra’s Marketing Dreams, Manufacturing Heroes: The Transnational Labor Brokering of Filipino Workers.

Asia GN 419.3.W667 2010]
Details the history, culture, art and spirituality of Filipino tattooing, the symbolism behind the designs and the process of making tattoos.  The author links the commonalities of Filipino tattoos with other Austronesian cultures across the Pacific, including Hawaiian.  Thoroughly researched with over 200 captivating images and drawings.

[Asia UA 853.P6 Y33 2011]
A first-person account by the author, who followed the Philippine military assigned to bringing peace to war-torn Mindanao.  An intimate look of life in the military camps and the soldiers and officers involved in the process of bringing stability in communities ravaged by the conflict.