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Japan Studies Collection: Book sellers

The guide provides resources to assist your research on Japan.

Book Review


  • Dokushojin 読書人 Weekly information about books (book reviews)
  • Japanese Books News
    Up-to-date information on new books and recent topics of Japan's publishing culture, published quarterly by the Japan Foundation
  • Shohyo News 書評ニュース Searchable book reviews by Japan's 5 largest newspapers
  • Kinokuniya Book Log/書評空間
    Book review blog provided by Kinokuniya book store
    Book reviews include e-books. Search newspaper advertisements for books.


Book Sellers Catalogs

Book sellers (commercial bookstores) provide extensive catalogs including e-books, DVDs, videos and more. You can also order books online. Here are some leading online bookstores in Japan:

Antiquarian, Used Book Sellers

  • Jinbocho Book Town/神保町
    Jinbocho, Tokyo is the most famous town for used books.  This database allows you to search used books at over 50 used book stores in Jinbocho.

Search Engine for JPN Printed Books

    This search engine helps you to find Japanese printed books published in Japan.  It contains 920,000 titles


Google Books Search

Google Book Search