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Japan Studies Collection: Gov Info/Statistics

The guide provides resources to assist your research on Japan.

General information/Guides

Opinion Polls

Subject Guides to Gov Information

Japanese Constitutions 日本国憲法

Japanese Laws 法令

Cabinet and Agencies 政府機関

Information on Japan's Diet 議会関係



US Government Sources on Japan

There are many publications on Japan from the US Government. The UHM Library is a regional federal depository of such documents. Make sure check the Library's Government Document Department site to learn more.

Selected sites to provide full-texts online

  • Govinfo- Official U.S. government portal for core documents from all branches of government. Coverage varies by resource
  • - Official U.S. Government web portal and search engine
  • Census Data - U.S. Census data site.
  • Congress.Gov - Search for the status and text of bills, laws, and other Congressional information through the Library of Congress
  • Internet Archives - Searchable database of US Gov't documents

Statistics general/Guides

Print Stats Sources