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Japan Studies Collection: Audio/Visual

The guide provides resources to assist your research on Japan.


Japanese Visual Resources at UH

The UHM Japan Collection provides nearly 2,000 freely accessible images on Japan. 

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Wong A/V Center

Sinclair Streaming guides
This Libguide is designed to provide you with an overview of the diverse materials that we have available for streaming. We currently have over 3,700 videos available for your viewing. You can find more of these titles in the library's OneSearch.You can also check out our Pacific Streaming and Hawaiian Streaming Libguides to see more videos.

Streaming Films of the Allied Forces Occupation of Japan Libguides

Historical Sounds

NDL Historical Sounds/国立国会図書館デジタル化資料歴史的音源  (alternative link

  • Historical sounds including music, rakugo, talks, etc. from 1900s to 1950s. Can search the entire collections. 
  • What is included?

    Rakugo, traditional music and songs, Japanese instrumental music (such as a guitar, koto, shakuhachi, musical plays, Joruri, Naniwabushi, popular music, jazz), lectures, speeches, and more. The main sources are NHK, Japan Columbia Records, Victor Entertainment Company, Kings Recording, Teichiku Entertainment, Universal Music, EMI Music Japan, etc.

  • The picture, ndl sounds , indicates that it is available online. The others can be accessible onsite.
  • PTNA Piano Encyclopedia: Database of piano music over 70,000 categories of piano music and composers. Some live performance videos are included.

Nichibunken's Rokyoku (Naniwabushi) Archives 浪曲SPレコードデジタルアーカイブ by 日文研 Searchable database of approximately 10,000 standard-playing (SP) records of traditional narrative storytelling covering the period from the beginning to the middle of the twentieth century.

Copyright & Permission Requests

When you need to use images from Japan for your scholarly publications, pay attention to copyrights and restrictions. Consult these resources for more details how you can use images from Japan.

  • bunkacho_logo In Japanese only. It provides information regarding Japanese copyright laws. Scroll down to see the useful list of copyright clearing houses and associations.
  • IUP logoNCC Image Use Protocol provides very useful information on copyrights, image holders, and bilingual templates that you can use for your permission requests.
  • creative commons log  Creative Commons promotes open access of publications on the Internet.
  • Chosakuken Daicho/著作権台帳 Provides information on copyright holders in Japan

Other Useful Links

  • MangaPedia マンガペディア Online encyclopedia featuring comics: Although it has “login” button, users are not required to login. The articles are written by researchers and journalists specialized with manga,