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Japan Studies Collection: Japan Special Collections

The guide provides resources to assist your research on Japan.

Other Special Collections

UHM Japan Special Collection General Information

UHM Japan Collection holds many special or rare materials. Most of them are not cataloged and not circulated. There are web-based finding aids for researchers to request specific items for their research. Click the link provided below. Please read the access policy (ENG / JPN) and make appointments at least two weeks in advance. Due to staff shortage, you may be asked to reschedule your visits.

All special collections listed below are located in the  Asia Locked Press Room, 4th Floor of Hamilton Library. Access is by appointment only.

UHM Japan Special Collections

  • John Roberts Clippings
    Clippings on a wide range of political and economic topics concerning Japan collected by a journalist
  • Kaizawa Kabuki Manuscripts 
    English translations of famous Kabuki plays during the Allied Occupation period. As part of the US censorship on Japanese publishing and perfoming arts, all Kakubi play manuscripts were translated into English for censorship. Mr. Stanley Kaizawa, a Japanese American Nisei from Hawaii, was a member of the censorship team and worked on the translations from Japanese to English. All the manuscripts were digitized.
  • Kajiyama Collection 梶山文庫
    Over 7,000 materials collected by the late novelist Toshiyuki Kajiyama 梶山季之
  • Satsuma Collection 薩摩コレクション
    Nealy 800 photo copies of late Professor of Kagoshima University Haraguchi Torao's  原口虎雄 (1914-1986) manuscripts of primary source materials on Satsuma/Shimazu domain. Prof. Haraguchi's so called "Dokosanbo (童虎山房)" collection was donated to the Amami Museum in 2006.
  • Takazawa Collection 高沢文庫
    Over 50,000 books and archival materials on Japan's social movement collection by Koji Takazawa