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Japan Studies Collection: Dictionaries

The guide provides resources to assist your research on Japan.

Kan-Wa (Kanji-JPN), Kan-Ei (Kanji-ENG) Dictionaries

Printed Dictionaries

  • Dai Kan-Wa Jiten / 大漢和辞典 1955 version and 1989 version
    Good for looking up unusual, esoteric, & rare Kanji and Kanji phrases. Many phrases are from Chinese classics and poems. The new version was written in mordern Japanese.

            morohash dai kanwa

  • Daikangorin / 大漢語林
    21,000 main entries including many variations and Kanji originated in Japan. Many phrases are from Chinese classics and the Buddhist scriptures.
  • Jikun / 字訓
    Describes history and processes how Chinese characters were adopted in Japan. Contains 2,200 Kanji from Kojiki 古事記, Nihon Shoki 日本書紀, Man'yoshu 万葉集, etc.
  • Jito / 字統
    Describes an original form and structure of a Kanji (Etymology). Contains 6,800 from Kanji originated in Japan.

Online Dictionaries

  • Jitsu / 字通 (UHM Only) access through JapanKnowlegde database
    Systematic treatment of the development, meanings, and compounding of Chinese characters. Contains 9,500 main entries.


Japanese Language Dictionaries

Printed Japanese Dictionaries

  • Nihon Kokugo Daijiten / 日本国語大辞典 (1972 version / 2000 version)
    Available online version through JapanKnowledge (UHM Only).  Largest Japanese language dictionary from classical Japanese to mordern.


Printed/Online Japanese Etymology Dictionaries

Other Online Dictionaries

Japanese Language Learning



Online English-Japanese Dictionaries

Specialized Dictionaries

Printed Dictionaries

  • Kazoekata no Jiten / 数え方の辞典
    Online version available through JapanKnowledge (UHM only)
    Contains words used to count things. Japanese has an incredible variety of words used to count objects. For example, the word sao is used to count chest-of-drawers (箪笥), the word hara is used to count cod roe (鱈子), the word hari is used to count mosquito nets (蚊帳), and the term tomae is used to count storehouses (蔵). This dictionary shows what counting words can be used for approximately 4,600 word

Online Dictionary