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Japan Studies Collection: Dictionaries

The guide provides resources to assist your research on Japan.

Kan-Wa (Kanji-JPN), Kan-Ei (Kanji-ENG) Dictionaries

Printed Dictionaries

  • Dai Kan-Wa Jiten / 大漢和辞典 1955 version and 1989 version
    Good for looking up unusual, esoteric, & rare Kanji and Kanji phrases. Many phrases are from Chinese classics and poems. The new version was written in modern Japanese.

            morohash dai kanwa

  • Daikangorin / 大漢語林
    21,000 main entries including many variations and Kanji originated in Japan. Many phrases are from Chinese classics and the Buddhist scriptures.
  • Jikun / 字訓
    Describes history and processes how Chinese characters were adopted in Japan. Contains 2,200 Kanji from Kojiki 古事記, Nihon Shoki 日本書紀, Man'yoshu 万葉集, etc.
  • Jito / 字統
    Describes an original form and structure of a Kanji (Etymology). Contains 6,800 from Kanji originated in Japan.

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