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More Titles Added in Hoover's Hoji Shinbun Digital Collection

by Unknown User on 2021-03-24T08:00:00-10:00 | 0 Comments

More Titles Available, including the Philippines, Brazil, and Singapore at the Hōji Shinbun Digital Collection

The Hoji Shinbun Digital Collection has added some new newspaper titles. Those below are useful for the research on Okinawan diaspora.

Hoji Shinbun Newspaper Titles


  •     Brajiru Asahi / ブラジル朝日 [Brasil Asahi], (São Paulo, Brazil)
  •     Burajiru Jihō / 伯剌西爾時報 [Notícias do Brazil], (São Paulo, Brazil)
  •     Nanbei Shinpō / 南米新報 [Nambei Shimpo], (São Paulo, Brazil)
  •     Nippaku Shinbun / 日伯新聞 [Nippak-Shimbun], (São Paulo, Brazil)
  •     Nippon Shinbun / 日本新聞 [Nippon Shimbun], (São Paulo, Brazil)
  •     Seishū Shinpō / 聖州新報 [Semanário de São Paulo], (Bauru, Brazil)

Hoji Shinbun Titles


  • Boruneo Shinbun / ボルネオ新聞, (Balikpapan, Indonesia)



  •     Dabao Shinbun / ダバオ新聞, (Davao, the Philippines)
  •     Manira Shinbun / マニラ新聞, (Manila, the Philippines)
  •     The Davao Times, (Davao, the Philippines)

Some titles are not open to the public. The restricted titles have a yellow lock icon lock icon  (i.e., The access to Hawai Hōchi is restricted.)

Hoji Shinbun Digital Collection Locked Titles

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