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Korea Collection: CDs

CDs Held in Asia Collection

This page provides a list of Korea-related CD-ROMs shelved in the Asia Collection on the 4th floor of Hamilton Library. To access these materials, please visit the 4th Floor Asia Reference Desk. CDs are sorted by categories and can be access by clicking on the links below or simply scrolling down. 

Arts and Culture Bibliographies and Catalogs Directories Handbook History
Korean Studies Language Law Literature News
North Korea Philosophy and Religion Statistics Travel and Description Misc.

Arts and Culture

  • 국립민속박물관: 한국의 민속 (The National Folk Museum: Korean Folk Life) [CD-ROM 239]
  • 김두규의 풍수사상의 이해 [CD-ROM 653] also available online
  • 문화의 향기 (Korea: a cultural bouquet) [CD-ROM 431]
  • 문화재를 배웁시다 - 중요무형문화재 (Intangible Cultural Properties) [CD-ROM 233]
    • Includes 94 Korean intellectual and cultural properties. Features images, text and video clips.
  • 올해의 한국미술선 [CD-ROM 656] also available online
  • 이영미의 한국대중음악연구 [CD-ROM 654] also available online
  • 조선시대회화명품전 (The Greatest Paintings of the Choson Dynasty of Korea) [CD-ROM 241]
  • 한국의 고건축 (사찰) (Ancient Achitecture of Korea) [CD-ROM 236]
  • 한국의 그림 (Korean Folk Art) [CD-ROM 237] also available online
  • 한국의 무속신앙 (굿) (Shamanism of Korea) [CD-ROM 234]
  • 한국의 전통춤 [CD-ROM 229] also available online
  • 허균의 한국전통미술작품론 [CD-ROM 655] also available online
  • 호암미술관 명품도록 (Master pieces of the Ho-Am Art Museum) [CD-ROM 244]
  • Exploring Korea's culture [Sinclair CD-ROM 398], Korea National Tourism Organization
  • Korea Folk Arts Festival [CD-ROM 235], Ministry of Culture and Sports
  • Korean Culture: the first twenty years 1980-1999 [CD-ROM 402]
    • CD-ROM version of Korean Culture (1980-1999) by the Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles, Calif.
  • Korean Spirit in Design : Choson (1392-1910) [CD-ROM 262]
  • Traditional Dance of Korea [CD-ROM 231], Ministry of Culture and Sports, Korea
  • 문예 연감 2005-2013 [CD-ROM 824] also available on public workstation #1 in Asia Reading Room
  • 한국 영화 연감 2008 [CD-ROM 1058]
  • 대한민국출판물총목록 [CD-ROM 826]

Bibliographies and Catalogs

  • 국회도서관 문헌정보 [CD-ROM 73] also available online 
  • 한국 박사 및 석사학위논문 총목록 (Index to Korean Master's and Doctoral Theses) 1945-
  • 정기간행물기사색인 (Index to Korean Periodical Articles) 1977-
  • 단행본목록 (Catalog of the National Assembly Library, Korea)
  • 한국문헌목록정보 (Korean MARC on Disc) [CD-ROM 74] also available online
    • catalog of the National Library of Korea (국립중앙도서관)
  • Harvard Korean Studies Bibliography: 80,000 References on Korea [CD-ROM 348], Korea Institute, Harvard University 
  • Intro Korea: an electronic catalog of materials on Korea. [CD-ROM 1038]


  • Korea Company Yearbook 1996/97 [CD-ROM 84]
    • complete guide to 800 manufacturing, construction, trading and service companies, 30 industrial sectors, macro-economy and international trade, by Asia-Pacific Infoserv, Inc.
  • Korean Trade Directory 1996-1998[CD-ROM 94]
    • CD-ROM version of the Korean Trade Directory by the Korea International Trade Association. 


  • A Window on Korea [CD-ROM 75]
    • CD-ROM version of the Handbook of Korea by Korean Overseas Information Service.  


  • 고려사 [CD-ROM 227] also available online
  • 삼국사기 [CD-ROM 225]
  • 삼국사기, 삼국유사 [CD-ROM 365] also available online
  • 이승만 초대대통령의 나라 세우기 [CD-ROM 238]
  • 일제하 전시체제기 정책사료총서[CD-ROM 594] also available online
  • 국역 조선왕조실록 (The Annals of the Chosun Dynasty) [CD-ROM 62] also available online
  • 한국독립운동사: 자료 제36권 [CD-ROM 650]
  • 한국사 (History of Korea) [CD-ROM 167]
    • CD-ROM version of 27 volumes of 한국사 published by 한길사 
  • 한국역사오천년 (Five Millenial History of Korea), 서울시스템주식회사 한국학데이터베이스연구소
  • 삼국사기 [CD-ROM 333] also available online
  • 고려사 [CD-ROM 334]
  • 조선왕조실록 [CD-ROM 245]
  • 고종순종실록, 사마방목 [CD-ROM 332]
  • History of Korea [CD-ROM 228], Radio Korea International
  • The United States Army And The Korean War, United States Army Center Of Military History, Vol. 1-4 [Hamilton Government Docs D 114.21:K 84/V.1-4/CD], Radio Korea International 

Korean Studies

  • 두시언해 어휘색인 [Compact Disc 10784]
  • 목민심서 [CD-ROM 651] also available online
  • 與猶堂全書: 政法集 [CD-ROM 717] also available online
  • 국역 증보문헌비고 [CD-ROM 652] also available online
  • INSTROK (International information system for teaching and research on Korea) [CD-ROM 804] 


  • Korean Through English [CD-ROM 162]
    • CD-ROM version of 3 volumes of the Korean Through English originally written by the Language Research Institute of Seoul National University.


  • Economic laws on foreign investment in Korea [KPA3202 .A28 2000] 


  • 한국의 현대시: 전자시집 (Contemporary Korean poems) [CD-ROM 168], 고려대학교 민족문화연구소
    • 11,000 poems by 316 poets, 1910-1990
  • 한국현대문학 100년 (Korean Modern Literature 100 Years) [CD-ROM 232], 서울대학교 인문정보연구소
  • The 100 years of Modern Korean Literature [CD-ROM 353], Institute for Research on Information System in the Humanities


  • 뉴스 현대한국사: 기자가 뽑은 사건 뉴스 [CD-ROM 240], Multidata System

North Korea

  • 멀티미디아 북한백과 1945-1997 (1945-1997, North Korea) [CD-ROM 230], 중앙일보사 

Philosophy and Religion


  • 1995 인구 주택 총 조사 (1995 Population and Housing Census Report) [CD-ROM 243], National Statistical Office
  • 한국통계연감 1997 (Korea Statistical Yearbook 1997) [CD-ROM 249], National Statistical Office
  • 기업 경영 분석 2003 [CD-ROM 626] 
  • 한국 재계 인사록 2003-2004, 2006, 2008-2009 [CD-ROM 755]
  • 한국 시민 사회 연감 2005 [CD-ROM 793]
  • 국세 통계 연보 2006 [CD-ROM 981]
  • 국토 조사 연감 2007 [CD-ROM 1059]

Travel and Description

  • Dynamic Korea 2002 [CD-ROM 637]
  • Touch the spirit: Korea [CD-ROM 163], National Tourism Organization


  • 인터넷 & 홈페이지 만들기: 자가 학습 [CD-ROM 472]
  • Defense white paper [CD-ROM 1149]
  • E-government in Korea [Sinclair CD-ROM 690]