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Korea Collection: Education


Korea Education and Research Information Service 한국교육학술정보원 contains educational information such as white papers, annual reports, trends of education, etc.

Korean Educational Development Institute 한국교육개발원

Korean Educational Research Information Center 교육인적자원개발 one strop search portal which provides various types of materials related to education. Full texts are partially available.

Korean Educational Statistics Service 교육통계서비스 offers various educational statistics in Korea developed by the Korean Educational Development Instituste.

Ministry of Education 교육부 offers educational information such as policies, learning materials, school information, education statistics, projects, etc.

National Curriculum Information Center 국가교육과정정보센터 a web based information sharing system on Korean and foreign national curriculums, administered by the Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation. It covers educational curriculum archives since 1945, educational law, and educational policy at the national or regional level. Curriculums can be searched by school level, subject, and cycle.