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Korea Collection: Government


Cheong Wa Dae: the Blue House 청와대

e Yŏngsang Yŏksagwan e 영상역사관 provides government audio visual archives such as Taehan News, films, and voice recordings. Coverage begins in the 1950s and extends into the 1990s.

Electronic Government News 전자관보 the electronic edition of official Korean government gazette, since October 2000.

Korea Copyright Commission 한국저작권위원회

Korea Government Portal 대한민국정부포털 official site of the e-government in South Korea. Contents include links to a range of government sites and policies, Korean news, government press release, Korean promotional periodicals, etc. Gateway to Korea, Korean Overseas Information Service (해외홍보원)

KTV 국민방송 (한국정책방송) an one-air government news channel which provides policy broadcast, breaking news, news, culture documentaries, etc.

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs 농림축산식품부
 - Rural Develop Administration 농촌진흥청
 - Korea Forest Service 산림청

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism 문화체육관광부
 - Cultural Heritage Administarion 문화재청 offers heritage search, information of world heritage, heritage of North Korea, intangible cultural property and much more.

Ministry of Education 교육부

Ministry of Employment and Labor 고용노동부 provides labor policy, policy for foreigners, labor law, employment and labor statistics(고용노동통계) and etc.

Ministry of Environment 환경부
 - Korea Meteorological Administration 기상청

Ministry of Foreign Affairs 외교부
 - The Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security 외교안보연구원 provides IFANS Focus, IFANS Forecast
 - Embassy of Republic of Korea in the USA. 주 미국 대한민국 대사관
 - Overseas Korean Foundation 재외동포재단
 - Korea Foundation 한국국제교류재단
 - KOICA Korea International Cooperation Agency 한국국제협력단

Ministry of Gender Equality & Family 여성가족부

Ministry of Health & Welfare 보건복지부

Ministry of Interior 행정자치부
 - Korean National Police Agency 경찰청

Ministry of Justice 법무부
 - Supreme Prosecutors' Office 검찰청

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport 국토교통부
 - National Agency for Administrative City Construction 행정중심복합도시건설청
 - Saemangeum Development and Investment Agency 새만금개발청

Ministry of National Defense 국방부
 - Military Manpower Administration 병무청
 - Defense Acquisition Program Administration 방위사업청

Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries 해양수산부

Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs 국가보훈처
Digital Archives of Exploit 공훈전자사료관

Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning 미래창조과학부

Ministry of Strategy and Finance 기획재정부 provides Daily Economic Indicators, Monthly Economic Indicators and etc.
 - National Tax Service 국세청
 - Korea Customs Service 관세청
 - Public Procurement Service 조달청
 - Statistics Korea 통계청

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy 산업통상자원부 provides Trade, industry and energy white paper, Nuclear manpower generation white paper, statistics like Daily industry trends and etc.
 - Small and Medium Business Administration 중소기업청
 - Korean Intellectual Property Office 특허청

Ministry of Unification 통일부 provides Unification Policy, Unification white paper, Understanding North Korea, South-North Dialogue in Korea, MOU Brochures and booklets, Data & Statistics, ROK laws & regulations and much more.
 - Information center on North Korea 북한자료센터
Office of the South-North Dialogue 남북회담본부

National Archives of Korea 국가기록원 provides a searchable database which includes 2.7 million archival sources including documents on the colonial period, audio-visual and photographs, and serials from government and non-government sources. It also holds presidential archives, foreign documents related to Korea, oral histories, etc.

National Assembly 대한민국 국회

National Information Society Agency 한국정보화진흥원

National Intelligence Service Korea 국가정보원

Open Data Portal 공공데이터포털 the official gateway to South Korean government documents; operated by the Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion.

Online Civil Affairs Services Minwon 24 정부민원포털 민원24 a civil affairs information gateway which provides 5,000 civil affairs services, such as application submission, issuance and review, integrated civil service, authentication service, and change of address service. It is required to install its application or a keyboard secure program.

Policy Briefing 정책브리핑 provides government press releases and information about government publication

Policy Information Service 정책정보서비스

Policy Research Information Service & Management 정책연구관리시스템 offers information about government policies for officials, departments and agencies and the public. contents provided by NLK are government publications including research reports, and trends of dept. and agencies, etc. Research reports provide abstracts, table of contents and full text of some reports.

Seoul Metropolitan Government 서울특별시 Seoul Statistical Yearbook