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Korea Collection: Art & Culture

Art & Culture

Art n Discourse 미술과 담론 [partial full-text]

Arts Council Korea 한국문화예술위원회

Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea 문화재청 provides information on cultural properties, palaces, royal tombs, North Korean cultural properties, and so on. It also provides cyber tour into cultural properties, maps, statistical data, dictionaries and glossary.

Cultural Heritage GIS Service 문화재공간정보서비스 a searchable GIS service which provides cultural property information. It provides not only description of cultural properties, but also photos, plans, video clips, and much more.

Cultural Heritage Research Knowledge Portal 문화유산 연구지식포털 The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage collected cultural heritage research and compiled them into a database. The information including reports about Korean arts, architecture and cultural assets is accessible through the Cultural Heritage Research Knowledge Portal accompanied by metadata, image files, drawings, video and audio data and other multimedia content. Archaeological excavation, restoration projects and Korean epigraphs are also accessible. 'Cultural Heritage of North Korea 북한문화재자료관' is integrated to this site.

Cultural Portal 문화포털 an integrated portal which provides information on Korean art and culture including cultural new, exhibitions, performing events and so on.

Digital Archive of Performing Arts 공연예술 디지털아카이브 provides archives on performing arts containing audio and visual materials, photos, posters, program brochures, and materials on performing arts.

Hanstyle 한민족 정보마당 one stop search portal which links to various Korean cultural sites and provides traditional culture-related information such as life, art, humanities, cultural heritage, and so on, through government and private webpages

Ho-Am Art Museum 호암미술관

Korea Creative Content Agency 한국콘텐츠진흥원

Korea National Heritage Online 국가문화유산포털 detailed information about Korean national treasures, historic documents, traditional music, and cultural customs with photographs. Other features include Cyber Tour into Cultural Properties, Multimedia Folk Artifacts Gallery, and Cyber National Museum of Korea, which includes 72 national, public, and university museums in Korea.

Korean Traditional Knowledge Portal 한국전통지식포털 the Korean Intellectual Property Office's vast database of traditional knowlege includes documentation on old Korean and Chinese medicine, as well as a wide range of articles and patent documents. The database provides various search options.

Kugak Archives 국악아카이브 contains resources on traditional music, dance, Yŏnhŭi and creative traditional music including private archives, video, audio, images, etc. Developed by Kungnip Kugagwŏn.

National Folk Museum of Korea 국립민속박물관 the National Folk Museum of Korea, serving an educational and cultural role, provides information on how Koreans lived in traditional times such as seasonal custons, twelve animals of the zodiac, traditional Korean folk rituals, and so on. Images and photographs about Korean culture are organized by directories and are searchable by keyword.

National Museum of Korea 국립중앙박물관

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea 국립현대미술관

National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage 국립문화재연구소 the searchable website provided by NRICH includes research papers, videos, sound in important intangible cultural properties in Korea and traditional rituals and food. It also provides basic dictionary of Korean history and the terms of cultural heritage.

Seoul Arts Center 예술의 전당 a comprehensive center for information related to performance arts at Seoul Arts Center, covering programs, theater, terminology, organizations, performance VOD, customs of performances, etc.

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