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Korea Collection: Cheju Collection (New)

Cheju collection

Recent studies and growing interest of this unique island, Cheju-do, have increased the demand for its own collection. Now, as an assigned subject area for Korea Collection Consortium of North America (KCCNA), the Korea Collection of University of Hawaii at Manoa has successfully developed its own Cheju Collection. The Cheju Collection holds approximately 1,700 volumes of materials related to or published in Cheju. This includes resources its distinctive history, language, environment, and woman/gender studies comparable to the mainland, as well as information on Cheju’s tourism, governmental bulletins, and conference papers. With our expanded archives, researchers are welcome to take advantage of the newly organized Cheju Collection.

1948년 필사본 제주도 기행 (1948-yŏn p'ilsabon Chejudo Kihaeng)