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Korea Collection: Special Collection

Special Collection Procedures

1. A user wishing to access Special Collections should make prior reservations.

2. Before accessing any Korea Special collection material in room 405, the user must first:
  a. Read and sign the “access and Use Policy for Korean Special Collections Material”.
  b. Fill out, sign, and return the “Application to Access the Korean Special Collections, University of Hawaii at Manoa Library”.

3. If a user wishes to take digital photographs of any material, he/she must:
  a. Read and sign the form, “Korea Special Collections, Conditions for Reproduction and Reprint.”
  b. Return signed form.
  c. For each item photographed, make a note in the reproduction log. No scanning without special permission.

4. Unless special permission granted, visitor should examine material in the viewing area OUTSIDE the caged area. He/she should contact the Korea Specialist Librarian when needing to return or retrieve new items.

5. Unless special permission granted, only THREE (3) items may be viewed at one time.